Now, dogs are being poisoned in Britain, too?

The pets, which belonged to two different households on the same road in Knottingley, West Yorks, suffered fits which left them foaming at the mouth. It is believed they had eaten slabs of blackened meat deliberately left for them, after tests revealed them to be poisoned.

Islam vs Europe says, “We don’t know for sure if this was done by Muslims. But West Yorkshire is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Britain. That’s where Bradford is. Also the fact that pork was used each time is very curious. Muslims are not prohibited from handling pork, only eating it. And “pork-eaters” is one of their favourite insults for infidels. In these incidents, the pork element could provide both an extra sadistic twist and a kind of justification; as the Muslim would see it, the dog would have died because it made the immoral choice of eating pork and therefore was the author of its own demise.” (See other cases of Muslims poisoning dogs in links at the bottom)

UK TELEGRAPH  Owners Georgina Wetherall, 34, and Emma McGuire, 27, who live just eight doors apart, now fear more dogs in the road could be targeted and police are warning neighbours to be vigilant. Mrs Wetherall said the deaths had left her so distraught she was now planning to move out of the road, where she has lived with her family for 14 years.

The apparent attacks began in January this year, when Miss McGuire’s three-month-old Jack Russell puppy Monty was found lifeless in his cage.

Miss McGuire’s three-month-old Jack Russell puppy Monty was found lifeless in his cage

After retracing his steps, she found six pieces of blackened pork loin in the garden, which vets confirmed had been poisoned. Despite her extra vigilance, her other Jack Russell Poppy died just one month later in similar circumstances. Miss McGuire said: “They might only be animals to some people, but they were my animals. They might as well have poisoned me.”

This week, friend and neighbour Mrs Wetherall came home to find two of her dogs dead and another which foamed at the mouth before having to be put down. The mother-of-three said: “I want to know who has done this. It’s absolutely devastating. Whoever is doing this is the lowest of the low. “They weren’t just dogs, they were my family and I’ve never felt so empty.”

Georgina Weatherall with her daughter Jessica holding their dogs Roxy and Paddy who survived being poisoned

Michael Shewring, a vet from the Bartram and Patrick practice, said post-mortem tests on Mrs Wetherall’s dogs were not yet complete, but that there were similarities in the symptoms leading to all five deaths. He added: “In the case of Miss McGuire’s dogs, the owners brought in pork loin steaks from the garden which were coated in something suitably evil and suspicious.

“For two dogs to go from young, fit and healthy to seizing uncontrollably, there’s no doubt these dogs were maliciously poisoned.”

















73 comments on “Now, dogs are being poisoned in Britain, too?

  1. I don’t understand what is happening in Britian. Sorry, but if you poison my dog I’m going to cut your entire family down. Anybody who would poison those three little dogs doesn’t deserve to live. Undoubtedly the culprits were muslims. It’s time that the locals deal with the problem.

    • My sentiments exactly!!!!

      Those sweet little puppies, so innocent, loving and trusting (just like human babies!!!), by positively NO stretch of the imagination ought EVER to have been made to suffer such agonising, protracted and hideous deaths!!!!

      ALL such people ought to be made at the minimum to take that poison into THEIR bodies – and while they suffer their last agonies, one can laugh and rejoice at their misery and taunt them about that chief demon Mohammed!!!! I’m positive (in so far as a human being can be) that that good-for-nothing but evil, Mohammed, will be one of the closest to Satan himself in Hell and thence the Lake of Fire!!!!!

  2. When are the Brits going to wake up! Murdering these pet dogs is merely the first step in their intent to kill the whole of Britain. It is long past time to beginning the deportation of Moslems who are not assimilating to the overtly superior Western ways of the land which offers them freedoms which they do not want.

    The leftist-led weaklings presently running Britain are cowards, PC cowards who shrink for the oncoming battle just like Chamberlain shrank from Hitler’s oncoming, honestly-stated threats which resulted in WWII.

    Anyone who can’t see that WWIII is coming, an epic battle between the Moslem world and every other culture and place on earth is blind, a child letting criminals into the house at midnight.

    The real imperative is to eliminate the world-wide Moslem threat by means of crushing the corrupt Moslem Empire as it’s despotic rulers stand now. The murderous cult called Islam needs to be run back into the Saudi Desert from which it so murderously erupted 1,400 years ago, and has murdered hundreds of cultures and so many millions of people in an unbroken chain since then.

    Think of the flowering of humanity which could have occurred through time if Moslem monsters had not so ruthlessly murdered entire cultures which pre-existed Islam in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Indonesia and all over the Moslem-induced backwardness wherever Islam is boss. From Chechnya to Nigeria, from England to The Phillipines, from Tunisia to Iran, from Turkey to Yemin, murderous curs from 7th century on carrying on standard Islamic hatred and terror.

    Free the People. Desstroy the Islamic extremists.

  3. Mohammed said: “You shall kill all black dogs, because they are devils” (Hanbal, 4/85; 5/54)

    Killing dogs is normative Islam.

    Mohammed had OCD.

    Moslems who imitate Mohammed imitate a lunatic.

  4. When Muslims move in with any nimbers, they harrass the locals in as many ways as it takes to drive established residents out, while breeding like flies, preparing for a democratic take-over to lawfully establish sharia. It’s all Sunna!

  5. So what happens when someone’s toddler finds this bait and starts gnawing on it?

    I HATE koranimals and I HATE the douchebag leftists that support these subhuman devils.

  6. I am proud to say that I have a very bad case of Islamphobia and it is irreversible I’m happy to say. just like the rest of you folk on BNI and other sites.
    But to have K9phobia is a plague virus that is spreading over the west. which all our Governments are complicit and Guilty in the extream.

  7. What a crying shame! Dogs are lovely! They lvoe unconditionally, and are alwasy there for you. I say the wrong species is being poisoned.

  8. I remember there was me, another guy and paki standing around in a parking lot. A dog came running up to me and the other guy wagging his tail, excited and we started petting him. The paki stuck out his hand to the dog in a phony way and the dog darted off in the other direction. I’ve posted this story on one of BNI’s dog stories in the past.

    • Dogs can certainly sense evil. People would do well to heed the advice of dogs in these matters. Dogs were here among us first. Muslims are unwanted newcommers. Dogs have a right to be here among us, muslims do not. I am not dehumanizing muslims here, muhammad himself did that 1,400 years ago.

      That being said, I place much greater value on a dog’s life than that of a human.

      • I ALWAYS trust my dog’s judgement. There are a few people over the years, that she does NOT LIKE… and I never ask her why…

        People that do things like the killing of innocent animals, and people, need to be swiftly eliminated. They are not fit for this planet.

        • Randy and Pinkcadlic,

          They say dogs are man’s best friend, I put cats and dolphins right up there too.

        • Nomosque- Nice vid.
          Wouldn’t it be great if people could be more like animals?

        • Hey Pink, it would be nice… I’m not so sure if all this technology has been all that good for the world???

  9. Just goes to show how stupid muslims are. When you poison dogs, the owners just buy another dog, and perhaps, a much larger dog. I would imagine it won’t be long before muslims try to have dogs banned.

      • Doesn’t get any more obvious than that, does it Randy?

        The dogs are just the appetizer….

        • Someone mentioned toddlers in the yard, picking up the poison. You know, if it had been, God forbid, the toddlers who were poisoned- the people would be out in the streets with their pitchforks and some ass would be grass. But… it’s the dogs. So, while the people are angry, they are only pushed incrementally forward, in their expectation of “life in this new world.” Everybody knows how this works…Nip it now, or later on, it will require much more effort. The government will not help, so they might as well stop looking to it, for assistance. The facts of the new day are not pretty, and indeed difficult to reckon with, but.. facts they are.

        • This is terrorism, with guerilla warfare occurring.
          This is terrorism, with guerilla warfare occurring.
          This is terrorism, with guerilla…

          The ONE thing they excel at, is terrorism and guerilla warfare.

        • Pink the American Indian invented guerilla warfare. And we learned how to play the game vey well.
          We just need to get it together. Soon the line will be crossed by the mohommedists.
          Our pets go first because they know EVIL and are our early warning system. They us.
          People in the UK and here need personal cctv to catch thee twits. Then the pressure on the cops.
          What we have to remember is we have to take care of us and not rely completely on the cops and authorities. Do as necessary but have alternate groups to protect the citizens.

        • The only thing they understand is someone who can kick their ass. That’s it.

  10. One of my former students here in Northern Virginia regularly takes his beautiful Golden Retriever for walks. A few Muslims live in the neighborhood. On almost every occasion that this gorgeous dog does for a walk with his master, a Muslim glares at them. You see, Saudi Arabia recently opened “a branch office” here in Northern Virginia, and the area where my former students lives now has a substantial population of Muslims.

    You get the drift.

    The behavior of Muslims toward his dog now means that the dog, who is getting older and won’t travel far, cannot even be let out unattended into his own back yard!

    If Muslims don’t like dogs, they don’t have to own any dogs. But they sure as hell have no business bothering anyone else’s dogs. Of course, Muslims don’t get the concept of assimilation, do they?

  11. perhaps muslims are doing this in self defence. fear of the legendary shit eating dog.or maybe they are just jelous of dogs wich are more intelligent and cleaner then muslims.

  12. Let’s exchange all the abused animals in the middle east for all the muslim scum in the US. Pieces of shit they are!

  13. Moslems like to poison wells, too. They also thoroughtly enjoy drinking unbaptized Christian baby’s blood for Ramadan.

      • Actually, I remember reading somewhere that a Muslim bigwig (either Muhammad himself or one of his closest disciples) DID say that “Christian” blood is the tastiest.

        Either way, the time when Muslims will have no choice but to flee or get killed (say by a lynching crowd of dog-lovers and other people driven mad by Muslim atrocities and spontaneously coming together!) simply can’t come soon enough!!!

  14. Is the UK so far under the Muslim thumb that they can’t or won’t get out? This is happening in the US as well. Why the hell do we allow these people in out countries?

    • Killing Britons’ beloved dogs is a way to alert them to the evil of this cruel Death Cult. When the British are aware and aroused, they will ALL ideologically oppose Islam.

      • Aside from the dedicated Commies – and let’s not forget how SEVERELY the “élite” of Britain are utterly stumbling of the Socialist Kool-Aid!!!!!

        Not until those wretches renounce everything associated with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and prove it by arresting and executing their traitors like Kim Philby, Melita Norwood, Anthony Burgess and the rest of those good-for-nothings, and ideally also by desecrating Communist graves to boot, will I believe that the UK really has a chance!!!

        [While we’re really at it, many British Conservatives are supposedly turning against David Cameron, who seems to be a Socialist “plant”!!! I’ll not believe it until I see it…]

  15. The Humane Society in the USA has ramadamadingdong on the calendar they mail out and want a donation from us. I will not support the Inhumane Society. I have written and told them about dogs being poisoned and the halal method of slaughtering animals. Apparently having ramadamadingdong on their calendar is more important than animals being mistreated. I wonder how many muslimes support the humane society?
    I feel sorry for the people that lost dogs to poisoning and hope the miserable barbaric POS can be found and prosecuted.

  16. Looks like they want to start a civil war in eurabia,
    I bought a muzzle for my dog today, and from now on on the leash only..

  17. Muslims complain about Islamophobia, but then they do things like this. Although in this case is far from certain that Muslims were actually responsible, this does sound like their M.O. And given that similar poisonings have occured in other parts of Europe, it would not be surprising.

    Muslims really wonder why people hate their guts! These people really are bullies. Sooner or later they are going to come across the wrong people who won’t stand for their nonsense and will kick their butts. It is only a matter of time…

  18. When the English dog lovers start to be affected by dogs being poisoned, maybe the sleeping Brits will wake up to the fact that the muslims have arrived and intend to stay.

    Eat PORK it’s good for Kafirs.

  19. “Whoever is doing this is the lowest of the low”

    You don’t have to be an FBI profiler to work out a suspect from that description…

  20. there are paki muslim dog fighting rings here in the uk, the rspca has brought many cases to court,but the rspca are happy to turn a blind eye to the horrific halal cruelty, nev(uk)

    • We should all bombard the RSPCA with videos of all this animal cruelty, including halal slaughter. There are many horrific videos on YouTube on that one in particular the slaughter of camels. Truly horrific, but unless these animal rights organisations are bombarded they will do nothing and scum Muslims win. That cannot be allowed to happen. We have to resolve in this coming year to do everything we can to draw attention to this cruelty.

    • then if it was happening before then why not do something about, i mean those are family pets that are being killed.

  21. Cynophobia is rife amonst the Mohametans.

    Unlike, ‘islamophobia’, cynophobia is an actually a legitimate phobia which actually can be treated by health professionals.

  22. Their children are raped by muslims their dogs killed by muslims and yet the british think muslims are ok and they land by the plane load. The british are more fucked up than muslims – excludes the new freedom party and edl and all other people that have woken to the horror of the religion of hate and murder. When will these dozing people wake up???? What will it take. A bomb won’t work as is evident with the 7/7. I am amazed at the fing stupidity of most Dhimmies.

  23. Kick them all out of every animal loving country and send them back to the middle east where they belong!!!!!!!!I would get very violent if anyone ever hurt my dogs by poisoning!!!!!!!!!!Where is the law on this one????????

    • This is against our law but muslims do not care. Authority is scared of them. Our police etc seem to act that if we ignore them (and give them money) they will leave us alone but muslims cannot do this, they wish to make the whole world muslim.

    • AMEN!!!!

      ALL Muslims should be expelled from ALL of the Americas, ALL of Europe (and let that be even if Albania, “Kosova” and Bosnia-Hercegovina cease to exist – Kosovo-Metohija is by rights SERB territory, while Bosnia-Hercegovina can as well be split between Serbia and Croatia!!), ALL of Africa and ideally out of Asia, Australia, Oceania and everywhere associated with those continents!!! Muslims can be penned into their Arabian Peninsula and that bit of the Middle East – minus Israel, which truly is part of Europe – AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!

      Truly, I mourn for those poor dogs: already having hard lives all too often, they now have to suffer brutal and often long-drawn deaths at the hands of the Muslim SADISTS!!!!! Truly, the only “good” Muslim is either somebody who has completely renounced that ideology and has proven – and keeps proving – it all the time OR one who is dead!!!!

  24. If a muslim poisoned my Dog, (yes I used a capitol d for dog, becuase they are more worthy in the eyes of God than any muslim) they will have put XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Dave, I heard Cameron doing his best Obama asskissing in a news conference yesterday. Considering how rude Obama was by returning the bust of Churchill, not to mention giving UK nuclear weapons secrets to the Russians, it just shows what a worthless pussy Cameron is.

      • obama is not doing anything for this country, there is already a petition for him to get impeach because of his fail immigration appeal, that and a muslim police officer was in the news for shooting a disabled man dog in his own property


      • Too kind, “dragonfFIRE01”!!!!

        For Muslims, absolutely no penalty when they do ANY crime whatsoever is severe enough!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!

        There is no god but Yahweh (YHWH), and Jesus (Yeshua) is His Only-Begotten Son!!!

        To boot, Muhammad is the “prophet” of SATAN HIMSELF (“Shaytan” = “Allah”)!!!!

  26. Another example of trying to remold the countries they move to into the image of the cess pools they left behind.

  27. Why are the British people allowing muslims to colonize there? These people are cunning and treacherous. As long as they are in minority, they keep fighting the majority with baseless complaints. But, the moment they touch a significant percentage of the population, they show their real colors. If your govt. doesn’t do anything, you must do something to stop them from coming and spreading in the UK. Else, the future generations are going to suffer. These people are on a mission. Don’t allow them to plant the seeds in the UK or even in the US.

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