Hell hath no fury like a group of peaceful Buddhists scorned

The unrest in Myanmar was triggered by the rape and murder last month of a Buddhist girl, by three Muslims, and the June 3rd slaughter of 10 Muslims in apparent retaliation. As a result, mass violence started in Maungdaw township, when a mob of 1,000 crazed Muslims, described as ‘terrorists’ in the state media, went on a rampage and had to be restrained by armed troops.

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Business Week The United Nations refugee agency called for Bangladesh to welcome  Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in neighboring Myanmar. But even Muslim countries don’t want these Muslims. Neighboring Bangladesh has turned back about 1,500 Rohingyas trying to escape by boat in recent days, according to officials there. “We are keeping our eyes open so that nobody can enter Bangladesh illegally,” police official Jahangir Alam said.

The conflict pitting ethnic Rakhine Buddhists against stateless Rohingya Muslims in coastal Rakhine state marks some of the worst sectarian unrest recorded in Myanmar in years.  From Friday through Monday, the evening’s news report said, 21 people have been killed, 21 wounded and 1,662 houses burned down around Rakhine state. Buddhists make up some 89 percent of the population of Myanmar, with Muslims officially representing four percent.

On Tuesday in Sittwe, police fired live rounds into the air to disperse Rohingya Muslims who could be seen burning homes in one neighborhood. Hordes of people ran to escape the chaos. “Smoke is billowing from many directions, and we are scared,” said Ma Thein, an ethnic Rakhine resident in Sittwe.

In one district, police fired skyward to separate hundreds-strong mobs wielding sticks and stones; in another, soldiers helped move 1,000 Muslims by trucks to safer areas.


State TV showed Defense Minister Gen. Hla Min visiting refugee camps for Rakhine Muslims opened at Buddhist monasteries and distributing food and other relief goods. It was the first time state television showed a camp housing Muslims. 

President Thein Sein earlier ordered a period of emergency rule in response to riots that saw hundreds of Buddhist villagers’ homes set ablaze and left seven dead on Friday and Saturday, according to state television, adding that the unrest was “increasing” Violent attacks fueled by “hatred and revenge based on religion and nationality” in Rakhine could spread to other parts of the country


Myanmar’s government regards the Rohingya Muslims as illegal migrants from Bangladesh and has rendered them stateless by denying them citizenship. Although some are recent settlers, many have lived in Myanmar for generations and rights groups say they suffer severe discrimination. (Oh, boo hoo, no matter where Muslims go, they incite hatred towards them)

Human Rights Watch called on the government to “take all necessary steps” to protect at-risk Muslim communities and questioned the decision to call a state of emergency, which allows the military to take over administrative functions in the area.


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    • Must look this one up – and then promote the ‘good news’ – we Christians are at times uneducated in our religion. Where in The Holy Bible does it say that God’s love is unconditional? I’d like to know.

  1. I know I’ve said so before, but this just cannot be over stated: I said before, my in-laws are Chinese Buddhists, my wife being the only Christian from her family of origin. I might add here that I really believe that I will get MORE support in the cause of taking down maniacal muzzturds and showing them for what they really are from my Buddhist in-laws than I will from my “good Christian” friends, even some that I attend church with, or play praise and worship music with on a regular basis!!…I think it would be fair to say that my Chinese Buddhist family and associates just are NOT EXCESSIVELY into the philosophy of “turninng the other cheek”…Doesn’t take too long to run out of cheeks, not to mention the fact this kind of thinking just WILL NOT work with some screeching SOB coming to cut your head off or kill your friends and family!!

  2. Would that Europe, especially Norway and Sweden but basically all of Europe, be as outraged by the rape of their women by Mohammedan swine invaders. God be with the brave Buddhists of Myanmar. I know God is not with Muslims.

  3. The Bible sure is accurate about muslims –

    “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” Genesis 16:12


  4. If BURMA can see the truth about the MUSLIMS, you would think surely a great nation like AMERICA would also recognize the evil and danger… would you not?

  5. I haven’t heard anything good about all the Rohinga immigrants in the US but after all they’re muslims and that’s to be expected.

    Why do Western governments keep importing these people? I can think of nothing positive that they offer, in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s time to boot all muslim friendly politicians out of office.

  6. All around the civilized world we need to do whatever it takes to root out muslimes and, in the US, we can get rid of our biggest problem come November while working even now to come against their vicious acts.

  7. BNI, please keep posting the good news about people pushing back, determined to get rid of the muslims who are invading their countries. Well done. Great news would be when the whole world begins to realize that we must band together to push back the muslim invaders to the hell holes they came from.

    • CAT, I try, but they are few and far between compared to what I could post about Muslims pushing themselves in places where they are not wanted. Sadly, most of the towns where mosques have been rejected are going to be forced to accept them now that the Feds are involved.

    • this isn’t pushing back, this is violence. Islam is not a violent religion. There are violent coherents of it, but the religion, much like Christianity and Judaism is itself about peace and surrender to God. Bigotry and ignorance, as always, play a huge part in the world’s skewed perception of Islam.

      • WRONG!

        Most of the Suras in the quran involve slaying infidels and anyone who is NOT towing the Mohammedan line. Having READ the Quran, I can tell you that your thoughs are those of either an ignorant dhimmi, wilfully blind to the facts of both History and what the Mohammedans THEMSELVES say, or deliberate taqqiya (lying to advance Mohammedanism).

        Thank you, and have a nice day.

        • actually, have you ever read a surah? The Hadith state clearly that only those who take up arms can be killed, no women, no children, no animals and no trees, no old man not armed should be harmed in a case of battle. I think that willfull ignorance is showing quite clearly here. It’s shameful. How many actual muslims do you know? Have you bothered to get to know? Christians are identified as cultish mass-poisoners, yet there are those in history who have done such a thing. You cannot judge all of Islam — a mainly peaceful religion on the actions of the nutbars. They exist in all cultures, all religions and all regions of the world.

        • Dear DS Dunlap, that is most certainly untrue. Have you read the Quran? Moreover, pick up the Christian bible and read it. Word for word, verse for verse, filled with rape, murder and killing of ‘those who do not believe as you believe’

          Christians nowdays say “Well gee, shucks, that’s the OT. It doesn’t count” except for the salient fact that Jesus himself in the NT said “I come not to change the old law, but to uphold it”…..telling you guys that basically ignoring the OT is gonna get you hellbound. So, Christian doctrines of blood are about the same; because what you miss is that all three Abrahamic religions have the same root and belong to the same God. There’s only the question of God’s flesh incarnate vs. prophet to differ between them.

      • ANOTHER Moslem and/or Communist shill?!?? Ha ha ha (LOL) – you’ve come to the WRONG PLACE!!!!

        We over here, “Dominique,” know all too well the GREAT similarities between those twin MONSTROSITIES, and thus your LIES and DISTORTIONS won’t do any good to you whatsoever!!!!

        Just wait until Ms. BNI bans you…

        • Caps lock frenzy doesn’t add any weight to your words. I haven’t come to the wrong place, I live here. Have my whole life. It’s people like you with a ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality that make the whole world a lesser place.

          If I am banned, so be it, I have deported myself with decorum and good taste, irrelevant of your irrational and hateful statements based on ignorance. Maybe, if Ms. BNI is objective, it is you and people like you who will suffer banishment.

      • Dominique you stupid’ ignorant vile rape loving Muslim bitch’ If you want the cult of Islam in your neighborhood’s then you deserve the rape and beheading that will inevitably be your fate. We have learned the hard way how destructive Islam truly is. I suppose you might feel different if it was you or your loved one raped and murdered by the Islamic cockroaches (apologies to cockroaches) but maybe ur a Muslim and tolerate this crap. May the peaceful Buddhist monks destroy burn and desecrate every Muslim that dares to cross them. If I could help you I would bring pork’ filthy shoes and gasoline to annihilate any and every muslim that crossed my path… ahhhh that felt good!

        • what a vile bunch of racist poppycock. You have been bought and sold, heart and soul by the lies your government feeds you. I pray God has mercy on your delinquent heart. Islam is not about all the things you say it is, those are aberrant components of it, but not the norm. How many muslims do you personally KNOW?

          I went to visit Egypt a couple of years ago and was impressed by the sense of family, culture, respect and love that surrounded me. For instance, nobody talks to each other the way that you just talked to me, because it’s considered evident of low-breeding and education.

        • Dominique: what race is islam, you dhimmi dumbass? muslims are all races and colors. islam is a pseudo religion, NOT a “race”.

          BMI, please remove this moron from the boards. It’s subservience to satan, the god of islam, and it’s hatred of YHVH, the Creator, is offensive.

      • You are either a muslime posting with a name not your own (and employing taqiyya as you go) or else you are the most stupid dhimmi dumbass I have seen lately. So…….which is it?

        • Ort, you spend too much time on Topix. Your insults aren’t even original. “Dhimmi” …….seriously? “Muslime”…….laughable.

          I assure you that the name Dominique is the name I was Christened with. Taquiyya is an overused myth employed by po’ whitefolk with hate/anger managmenet problems.

        • Shove it, you nauseating dhimmi suck hole. You swig the kool aid about muslims being peaceful, and only some are violent, blah blah blah. They’d kill your dumb ass in a heartbeat, but you are too busy defending them. Moron.

  8. Is rioting common and well known behaviour of Buddhist?


    No they immolate themselves instead of suicide bmbings.

    Are Muslims known for rape?


    They are infamous worldwide for rape. Just as there were riots in Heywood, UK 2012 because of Muslim rapists and riots in Sydney 2005.

    So from this we can see that the common behaviour of Muslims is what makes ordinarily peaceful people, pushed into a vengeful wrath. It is the fault of Muslims, not the infidel.

  9. Myanmar is for Buddhists. muslimes should go to any 3rd world toilet muslime country and squat there. No decent non-muslime country should have them. islam is a cancer and blight upon the lands to which they overrun.

    islam is NOT a religion, but a violent and hate filled ideology. It should not be protected in any way, shape or form. Eradicate it like you would an infestation of roaches.

  10. What made national news here is the KKK “adopted” a highway. They were quite literally going to clean up the highway of debris, and people consider them a hate group. They very well may be, but you don’t hear much about how the KKK burn crosses on people’s lawn or kill people anymore.

    I do hear about Islam’s Jihad, how they want to decimate Westerners, infidels, and the Western Way of life. I imagine if CAIR adopted a highway, no one would think twice about it.

    Islam murdered 270 million people & enslaved 100 million.

    The Ku Klux Klan killed 3,446 black people in America over 86 years; black men in America kill about the same number of blacks every six months.


    • The Ku Klux Klan are a bunch of narrow minded bigoted assholes. But I think I would feel safer with a bunch of Klansmen than I would be with Muslims and even in some black neighborhoods.

      But the truth is the truth. I am of African descent myself. There certainly is way more black on black violence and more young black men are killed in street violence than of any other cause.

      There are approximately 17,000 homicides every year in the US and more than half of that is blacks killing other blacks.

      It is also important to note that more than half the terror attacks committed by Muslims are against other Muslims. Yeah, they kill infidels, but they kill each other just as much.

      Yes, you’re right, perspective is needed.

  11. I would like to know why they were firing into the air and not the koranimals.

    Why are people so afraid to defend themselves against these inbred barbarians? (apologies to barbarians)

  12. BNI said: “Oh, boo hoo, no matter where Muslims go, they incite hatred towards them.”

    Correction: Wherever Muslims go, they BRING HATRED TOWARDS ‘OTHERS’ and women with them.

    This is a war, hate and DEATH CULT.

      • No. His perception is merely unclouded by the lies spouted by desperate governments and their media puppets trying to ingratiate themselves with the worlds latest dominant theology (or is it theocracy?).
        Remember Rome and how the Christians, once persecuted, came to dominate the Empire.
        Remember the Dark Ages and how the Christians, once civilized, came to perpetrate some of the most atrocious acts of religious persecution that the world has ever seen.

        You call Islam the “religion of peace”
        Yet you fail to realize how many times acts of violence are justified within the Qur’an.
        It does not matter what you believe that your religion preaches.
        The fact of the matter is that it is a religion, a tool used by the powerful to dominate the weak, and a crutch used by the weak to force that domination further onto those weaker than themselves.

        But you know what? You may believe what you want to believe. Just remember that if ever a day comes that the “enlightened spirituality of peace” manages to overthrow secular Western society, that if the “Law of God” should take over from the law of man, remember who’s side you took when baby girls are pledged to marriage before they can walk, violated before they can bear children, treated as chattel and once again placed in the position of second class citizens.
        Because the Islam of today is something which would make Saladin himself renounce his faith.

  13. Moslems don’t NEED an excuse for GENOCIDE, but it makes it easier to DISGUISE REAL ISLAM behind a veil of ‘religion’.


    More Moslems, more problems. Islam is intrinsically supremacist, intrinsically violent.

  14. My best friend’s wife is from Bankok, Thailand. She says that the buddhist hate the Muslims because of all the attrocities they have commited against anyone not a Muslim.

    • Doug, just enter “Thailand” into the Search Box here to see several stories about Muslims in Thailand.

  15. Thank God for the Buddists that see what the Muslims are capable of doing and sending them back to their hell holes. The Buddists care more for their countrymen than anyother country including the US.

    • and yet, if it was Muslims had slaughtered innocent civilians, you’d be singing a different tune. Hypocrite. You are no better than those you condemn.

        • actually, it is against islam to do so. Those that do and use Islam as their defense, defile the religon of peace.

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