Germany: Michael Stürzenberger’s bank terminates his account because of his criticism of Islam

BNI’s favorite German counter-jihadist, Michael Stürzenberger, is being treated like an enemy of the state for his outspokenness about the threat of Islamization to Germany. Showing that fascism is never far out of reach for German elites, a bank closed his account. What’s next – a concentration camp?

Headline: “Freedom” Party and PI (Politically Incorrect) considered unconstitutional in Germany. Those who want to protect democracy and the Constitution from an ideology hostile to the Constitution are now being pilloried.
Headline: “Freedom” Party and PI (Politically Incorrect) considered unconstitutional in Bavaria. Those who want to protect democracy and the Constitution from an ideology hostile to the Constitution are now being pilloried.

Says Stürzenberger

“The hounding of Islam critics continues big time: after the Deutsche Kreditbank, the Stadtsparkasse München and the Münchner Bank, the Postbank is now the fourth bank within a year to terminate my donations account. But not just that: they have also terminated my professional giro account, which I have had there for 28 years. In 1985 I started work as a journalist at Bayerisches Fernsehen and have worked with this account since then. After 28 years it ends because I provide information about Islam. The madness that that tightens round us like a noose in recent years will one day be seen as the third age of opinion fascism after East Germany and National Socialism.” PI via IVE


PI News  Interior Minister Joachim Herrman (CSU) showed concern at the presentation of the 2012 Constitutional Defense Report because these anti-Islam activists disparage all Muslims as enemies of the rule of law. There is cause for concern that in the scene of the extreme right-wing – but not just there – islamophobia is gaining in importance. Right-wing extremists are using the societal discourse, for example, the building of mosques to awaken or to strengthen general prejudices against Muslims and Islam. They are trying to use the fact for themselves that other parts of the population are also dealing critically with Islam, for example, with regard to the equality of man and woman.


Islamophobia builds itself partly – unconnected with classic extreme right-wing circles – as an unconstitutional movement. 

Michael Stürzenberger, speaker for the local Munich PI group (Politically Incorrect), took over the local leadership of the “Freedom” Party the beginning of 2012. Since then, the local chapter, which is also comprised of the hard core of the Munich PI group, is using the campaign they initiated at the end of 2012 for a petition against the “European Center for Islam in Munich” (ZIE-M – Zentrum für Islam in Europa – München) on the Internet as well as at events for general islamophobic propaganda.

The activities have as a target fueling general fears of Muslims as unintegratable followers of an ideology and disparaging all Muslims on the basis of their beliefs as enemies of the State. By doing so, religious freedom, human dignity and the fundamental law of equal treatment as core components of our fundamental free democratic order are being infringed on.