ABOUT TIME! Flash mobs in Germany and Austria stage large protests against persecution of Christians


Flash mobs in Germany and Austria have drawn attention to the persecution of some 100 million Christians around the world (mainly Muslim countries).

PI NEWS via BCF (h/t Susan K)  In 25 cities, on January 11 at 4 pm, people came together in public places to pray and publicly protest the growing persecution of Christians.

With flash mobs in Germany and Austria citizens have drawn attention around the world to the persecution of some 100 million Christians. In 25 cities, including Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt , Cologne , Stuttgart , Heidelberg, Augsburg , Salzburg and Vienna, came on 11 January 16 clock people under the slogan “silent raise their voices together in public places.

cologne-germany-2.jpg?w=627&h=400The participants knelt, placed their hands on his back and turned their attention to the floor. Then gave spokesman continued over a megaphone information on the persecution of Christians. Finally, the participants prayed aloud the Lord’s Prayer. Excitation to the flash mob went from being a Member of the Central Oriental Christians in Germany (Munich), Sara molecules from. The 23-year-old trainee teacher in Heidelberg is a member of the Syrian Orthodox church, who has a spiritual center in southeast Turkey Tur Abdin area. The Christians living there were hard pressed by Muslims, so that the majority emigrated.


Overall, involved more than 1,000 people in the actions. The largest resonance learned the call through a local initiative in Stuttgart. At its peak, more than 200 people, including many students involved in the flash mob, which was performed at the Stuttgart main shopping street, King street. The day began in the morning with rain, what the action would probably have prevented or at least decimated participation. In the afternoon it cleared but then on.


Such actions are important, as was the place chosen, where previously Muslims had distributed free Korans… The organizers are pleased with how it turned out and are thinking of holding another such event in the spring. Given the publicity, there may be more participants next time.