Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend

imagesEven worse, these savage attacks happened after authorities had said the girl was not at risk. Once shielded by the media, these gangs of Muslim (called ‘Asians’ in the UK) groomers (pimps) who abduct, rape, and prostitute young white girls are the focus of a shocking new report into modern-day sex slavery in the UK by the Centre for Social Justice.

sex_trafficking_child_victims1-e1362985378504 UK Daily Mail  The girl, who gave evidence to the committee despite still being ‘deeply traumatised’ by the attacks, did not come from a background which put her at risk, but became enslaved after befriending girls vulnerable to abuse, it has been reported. Andrew Wallis, chairman of the working group that produced the report, would only tell the committee the girl ‘is now safe’ when asked what had happened to her since the attacks, according to the Sunday Times.

The report claims efforts to tackle modern slavery in the UK, including the sexual exploitation of children, are in a state of crisis. The CSJ, an independent think-tank set up by Iain Duncan Smith, has attacked the Government for its ‘inadequate response’ to the issue after the investigation uncovered a ‘shocking underworld’ of human trafficking.


Its study found more than 1,000 adults and children were trafficked into or within the UK in 2011/2012, but the figure could be ‘only the tip of the iceberg’.

Among the cases were British and foreign victims who had been forced into the sex trade, a life of crime or domestic labour. British girls trafficked within Britain for the sex trade made up nearly one half of all UK slavery victims in the latest set of figures.

Christian Guy, managing director of the CSJ, said: ‘Our research has uncovered a shocking underworld in which children and adults, many of them UK citizens, have been forced into lives of utter degradation.


‘Yet the authorities are either failing to understand the nature of this abuse or turning a blind eye to its existence. Our once great nation of abolitionists is a shameful shadow of its former self.’

The think-tank is campaigning for a radical overhaul of measures to combat 21st century slavery, including bringing all human trafficking and modern slavery offences together


It added that victims should be encouraged to come forward without the threat of facing prosecution over immigration breaches or crimes they have committed since being trafficked. More training is also needed to ensure police officers, immigration officials and social workers recognise the scale and nature of the problem.

Nine Asian men were jailed last year for between four and 19 years for grooming young white girls in and around the town of Rochdale. The men picked them up from the school gates and took them to houses and flats to be plied with alcohol and drugs before being passed around for sex.


Forty-seven children were identified as victims of the exploitation that left many of their lives in tatters.

Mr Guy said: ‘We have been alarmed to learn that British children being trafficked within the country are often viewed as somehow being complicit in their exploitation. This is absurd and unacceptable.


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  1. This type of rape should have only one result, death by hanging. All males deportation to go back and fight for their country and all Muslim females that will not adapt.

    Until this happens each country is at risk

  2. Worst part of this is the Police did nothing despite being told countless times by concerned parents of the girls, because they did not want to appear to be behaving racist towards our pork hating friends.

    My country is a cesspit.

  3. And the British keep taking it up the arse. No mass demonstrations, no one grabs one of these labour pricks and beats the crap out of them ? Where are the wussy fathers??? Are they that terrified of these labour c***s?

      • Not cowards at all mush when the black bastards have the whole of the establishment in their back pocket because they scream racism each and every time. Not to mention some of the parents that have taken the authorities to task have even been arrested themselves, so that should show you how yellow the cops, the social workers and especially the lame councils are when they have hushed it up! They all want gassing and their families deported!

    • Actually, Anjam Chowdry got badly beaten up in Jail recently, so I expect these men will get their comeuppance soon.

    • It is time for the Nokmim (Hebrew: הנוקמים‎), a militia of British Avengers to defend their children. Are there no men with balls in Britain anymore ?

    • And now i suppose that these evil filthy inbred excuses for human beings, will be allowed to stay in Gt Britain for their own safety.
      Great Britain deserves what it gets.

    • I have to agree with Charlotta – if any sick Muslim scumbag or anyone else for that matter did what they did to my young daughter or son i would take them away to a quiet place and torture them see how they like it before i slowly hang the mf’s – I cannot understand for the life of me the parents of some of the girls especially the fathers who did nothing – i mean one of the muslims was a so called gangster known by the police – just walk up to him in the street with a concealed axe or short sword and off with his head and walk away – with the law in this country you probably wouldnt even get caught if you wore a Bhurka – the media covers a lot up – some of those young girls were penetrated “in every orifice and all the while being called white whores” – so who is the racists now – then they urinated and defecated on some of those young girls – what horror is this – it isnt anything but Satan on earth!

      We once criticsed the British Raj for the way they treated these vile rapists – India and Pakistan – same country – same sick rapist cultures – now we know the British RAJ were entirely correct in the way they treated these sub-life forms.

      • David Towers, your comments show that you are as sick as these monsters. If that was your considered view, you are an ideal candidate to join the ISIS. After all, your British Raj shot 2000 unarmed men, women and children in Jallianwalla bagh for “unlawful assembly”. Ony the method of slaughter differs between your Raj and ISIS. Shame on you.

      • Do not ever compare Indians to these Pakistani Muslim scumbags. It shows your ignorance. It is like comparing Nazis to Americans because they are both white.

      • Hindus and Muslims are not the same you idiot.It is Muslims in India who commit majority of rapes. Your ancestor were barbarians who killed millions of innocent Hindus, irish, Africans, east Asians. Get rid of your bigotry towards Hindus.


  5. jack straw has admitted he knew what was happening and didn’t report to police for fear offending muslims, preferring to let muslim leaders deal with it themselves, to have knowledge of a serious crime and not report it is an offense in itself, he has already admitted it why isn’t he being charged, fact is politicians, police and social workers don’t give a fuck and at best looked the other way while this was happening AT BEST, in reality we know they conspired to allow it to happen and ensured for as long as they could muslims were never arrested for this sort of crime and one social worker when told what was happening even took the child and bought her fancy underwear so she could at least look nice while she was being raped.

    If it wasn’t for the BNP nobody would know about this, don’t forget when these trials started there was a media black out

    lot of people belong behind bars for this and not just muslims, when they are locked up we need politicians, police, social workers and the media following them to jail

    start with jack straw – conspiracy to rape children

  6. The Britsih gov. are a pack of pricks they don’t give a shit about these inocent vulnerable girls all they bloody care about is not offending muslime, assholes!!!


  8. these pigs should be placed in death penalty. I am an asian but I can’t even bear to read this article. Not all asians are like them. But it’s so sad that the word “asian” is being dragged down into the abyss because of some muslims.

      • there are more indonesian muslims than any other country. they ARE asian. yes i know most muslims in england are arabic. just saying…..

      • So these guys have names like Hirohoto and Wong? Call them what they are and quit with the politically CORRECT CRAP! They are ARABS! Period! Filthy greasy skinned nasty ugly ARABS! If this brings an unfavorable reaction to their pos race then so be it. Muslims do NOT belong to a religion, they belong to a CULT! A cult of pig fat with world domination as their goal! They claim they will conquer the world but they haven’t a clue as to what will happen when America wakes up and throws the Liberal POS”S of human drek out of our government, believe me it is going to happen! When apathy turns to anger here, it is going to be open season on taxi driver’s! Americans are the best there is at terrorism we practically invented it. Remember those white sheets and pointy hats? These Muzzies have no clue as to what they are getting into! They’re like ants crawling up an elephants leg with rape on their minds! Keep dreaming Muzzi’s right up until the time you go to far!

      • That’s what you got from this??? Refer to them as Asians? ?? I refer to them as vile animals that should all be injected with pigs blood. Filthy pedophiles just like their pedophile god Allah.

  9. The death penalty should be instituted for cases like this – since they won’t do it, every man involved should have his citizenship revoked, regardless of when or where he was born. Send them to GITMO.

  10. According to Russian Orthodoxy:
    Antichrist’s minions came up with Dec. 21 in order to desensitize people to the real events predicted in the Bible. Antichrist is 0% God and 100% man. He’s possessed by Satan since he’s 12 years old. He flies. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He’s pale with red eyes. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. 666ed people go to permanent hell. 666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Reject 666. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves.

  11. I am strongly against Islam but I want everyone to remember that gang rapes like these occur in any country, in any religion, not just Muslims do it.
    I watched a programme about this on TV, showing how these immigrants had come to our county to groom young British girls to be raped. One girl got raped by over a hundred muslim men within 13 hours. Only a few men were arrested but they were released a few times before getting a prison sentence. A few girls went to court but they were branded liars and one girl felt so bad, she committed suicide. It’s ridiculous that in our own country, our own people are branded liars. I don’t doubt that these barristers were Muslim too but our justice system won’t consider that.
    There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Muslim men out there who are part of these sex gangs who rape girls as young as 11.
    They deserve to be in a third world country to match their third world morals and beliefs. Most of them aren’t civilised people at all so they don’t deserve to be in a civilised country. But even our own country turn against us; they’ve made laws for Muslims, they build mosques for them, they give them benefits and they bend rules because the UK is just too scared to be branded a racist country.
    If you’re muslim and you want to live in the UK, don’t try to bend the rules or change them and then use your religion against us. If you don’t like the rules, don’t live here.

    • “but I want everyone to remember that gang rapes like these occur in any country, in any religion, not just Muslims do it.”

      Then why bring up that (im)moral equivalency fallacy? The fact that other groups gang rape does not make it okay that mohammadan supremacists do it. By bringing in that tu quo que nonsense you are essentially saying “There’s no point to discuss or even acknowledge the epidemic of muslim gang rape gangs.”

      Others murder. If I murdered your mother would a sane, logical, honest defense of my crime be “but I want everyone to remember that murders like this occur in any country, by any women, not just this woman does it.”? Would you be okay with me being let free because others have murdered? Then why bring up that over used mantra for the mohammdan supremacists?

      I’m sofaking sick of that egregious canard being thrown out there.

      It’s intellectually weak, dishonest, and quite frankly, puerile.

      And no, toots, “gang rapes like these occur in any country, any religion.” No other religions, minor or major, had founders, prophets, or leaders who made sexual slavery (rape) of “the other” sacrosanct. Nor did any of them *practice it themselves* but mo the putrid *did*

      You’d be hard pressed to find as many examples of packs of men sharing the same ideology, gang raping *the other women.*

      So, not only did you make the mistake of using a logical fallacy, your fallacy itself is false on its face.

  12. No matter which western country (Canada, Australia, Scandanavia, USA) you find the same people (Pakistani, Indian, Russian) pimping and violating women. In Scandanavia all rapes in recent years have been committed by immigrants. What on earth the UK think they alone are able to do to change this, is strange. Multiculturalism and racism are words that the criminal minorities hide behind. Jamaicans, Africans, Asians, all welfare seekers, NHS seekers, and western women seekers. I know Apartheid was unpopular around the world, but cant the Brits see the reason for it. We have literally destroyed our country because we were afraid of the word racism.

  13. The sad fact or me is the lack of response by people in the Uk or the parents – if it was my kids i would take each of them away and do a Double-Dexter on each and every one of them!

    The Uk is becoming a toilet filling up with this utter excrement and our politicians are so weak even when they are caught we cannot even deport them.

    Burn them all in hell!

  14. It’s justifiable to criticise Nazis for their vile dogma and practice ; but not Islam for its.
    This is a remarkable piece of doublethink by politically correct perverts!

  15. I have been having an internal debate since the stories started coming out of Britain and Australia about Muslim Grooming. Since I am not Theresa Flores I haven’t said anything – but Mrs. Flores has written her story in a book called The Sacred Bath. I believe this is important for the word to get out.

    Theresa Flores was a teenager at the time living in a Town near Dearborn Michigan. She met an Egyptian Coptic immigrant boy and wanted to be his girlfriend. Unwittingly drugged, raped and Blackmailed Theresa found herself groomed and prostituted to lots of North African males. I have never heard of Copts doing this but Muslims are becoming infamous for Owning any female they can grab if there is not anyone around who can stop them. Did this family of Coptic males learn this from the prevailing culture in Egypt? Since Muslims are infamous for abducting, enslaving Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and any other non-muslim females in North Africa, I wonder if that influences Mrs. Flores case. (Supposedly these abducted girls are married to muslims – I suspect that many of them are probably sold by their Pimp/Husband – my intuition tells me so.) So many North African men behave almost exactly the same, and are such skillful predators toward female children.

    My intuition also suspects that the USA is going to find out about the same kind of Grooming gangs operating in Dearborn Michigan and the same police cover-up as Britain did. It’s only a matter if time.

    I hope a Michigander police officer reads this post and decides to break these gangs. They should have by now – but Mrs. Flores did not report the crime until she was in her 30s – have been waiting for years but no word from Michigan.

    • Quiet, there’s a good possibility the Egyptian boy lied to her about being a Christian. Muslims lie to unbelievers as easily as they breathe. I have never read one story of an Egyptian Copt doing this.

      • I have nothing against Copts, but I am atheist, and so I don’t care what their religion is. I will admit I distrust religious people. I believe that Theresa Flores is telling the truth about her experiences. I believe that a few young men can be corrupted by North African Social norms despite their religion. If the majority of young men in the town believe this is what is done with immodest females – despite their religion – won’t the young men act on this belief after emigrating to the USA. I do not defend Islam because the fear of what life will be like for females as its power grows makes me literally nauseous. They could be lying or Theresa is mistaken about their religion. She was an adolescent. These are the facts of “The Sacred Bath.”

        I also pointed out I have not mentioned this case, because this is someone else’s nightmare, when it is very relevant to the dangers that I believe are taking shape in Dearborn. I should have mention the fact that the Copts have been viciously persecuted in Egypt, that is something I take for granted that you know BNI. If I lied or told half-truths about the things Theresa said, it would be wrong. This is something that is well-known to happen in Egypt, again, the offenders are the world over, Muslims.

        I do care about the U.S. schoolgirls in Michigan and it breaks my heart. No one will step up and help. The point is that racial grooming of female children is documented going on in the area of Dearborn Michigan. In an isolated case she mentions this family from the area of Egypt. This is why I have been reading for years – and believing that this is happening in Dearborn – but have had to bite my fingers. Do you know that the prevailing culture in Dearborn is believed to be Islamic? From your response, although I bent over backwards and carefully explained how I believe this is still a result of Muslim culture, to point out that I believe the brothers in this family had been corrupted be Egyptian culture (Islamic behavior) you seem to say you don’t care about racist grooming of U.S. children. Do you understand my despair? You have confirmed forever and ever in my heart that religion is a great source of evil, because it condones evil.

      • Oops BNI I want to append the comment I just made you weren’t saying Quiet because you wanted me not to mention this story. You were just referring to my name. (blushes) See mentioning this makes me feel like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but I do feel guilt for reading all these stories and waiting for someone to be brave and worry about Michigan.

        By the way, I read this story when I was super Liberal and didn’t really have any idea why the people were always fighting among themselves in the Middle East. It took me years to put the pieces together. As you can probably tell I’m not the most outgoing person normally. The thing is even I can’t stay silent when I am sure there is a Pedophile ring or two operating in Michigan.

        So sorry, I thought you were being angry, when you were just expressing your thoughts.

    • It is already happening in the USA with Muslim Somalians in Minnesota. Another rape in Utah, recently. A Burmese Muslim raped and killed a young Buddhist girl. It is happening her but it never goes into the media because of political correctness. it is disgusting.

  16. It’s gonna be OK. Barry, and uncle Joe are gonna work it all out. Starting with the productive class, and the war vets. I’ve never felt so safe. 🙁

  17. People look at me funny when i tell them that part of the reason why we have the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution is in case we, as a people have to fight a tyrannical government. Sharia law, street gangs, mexican cartels? Islam? U.N.? Tyrannical systems of government???????????? WHAT??????????


    • “Ahmed”, take your Shari’a law, your Islam and all its taqiyya and kitman back with you to Saudi Arabia or Iran (if you were born in the West), or wherever you came from (if it be an Islamic country)!!!!

      WE HATE SHARI’A and EVERYTHING it stands for: the plundering and persecution of non-Moslems, the oppression of women, hatred for dogs and pigs (and of course non-Moslems) – and animals generally!! – and the killing of art, music, science and even Western medicine!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM (and all other totalitarianism – be it Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Islam or anything else, it’s all EVIL!!!!!) now, forever and unto ages of ALL AGES, Amen!!!!!

      • On closer reading: even if your advice, Ahmed, is that Shari’a be applied to Moslems only, they wouldn’t be content to live by it in the presence of dominant non-Moslems!!! They would promptly mutiny because of that Moslems AUTOMATICALLY consider themselves ABOVE ANY non-Shari’a law, which would very quickly land us back on Square One!!!!

        That’s why it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Moslems and Westerners – or Moslems and ANYBODY ELSE in fact – to mix!!!…

    • you are so right Ahmed i am none religious but yet i believe we all have god / budda or what or who ever you believe in , in all of us . i believe it also says in the bible “an eye for an eye” the UK has gone so afraid of offending the Muslim community it’s about time we spoke up and said if you do wrong then you will be wronged .

      • Doesnt matter if you want to whip whoever , you are worshipping a mass murderer, paedophile, pervert, goat herder who did nothing but bad things how can you possibly believe any good God would want this type of man as a prophet – Mo was the antichrist and the only thing you stupid islamofascists worship with your arses up in the air is the devil and one day you will find that out – all that is eveil in the world today comes from Pisslam.

        If it was up to me i would deport every single muslim out of europe and burn your mosques (or should i say centres of mass Fascist indoctrination and brainwashing) to the ground back where you belong to herd your goats and kill each other and rape little kids and behead whomsoever you want – you would get none of our money from tourism anymore – well that is happening now anyway and once the oil runs out you will be right up the thomas titter and i for one cannot wait – the muslims have created nothing in 2000 years of any note except death and destruction and if we had not found, refined and dug up the oil you would still be grazing goats in the desert. Your religion is nothing but a 7th century death cult. Even Himmler and his top totenkopf SS commanders were horrified by the level of depravity and destruction that his muslim cohorts committed in the caucasus. Fact everyone forgets is that Islam fought with hitler during WWII – Your hatred of the worlds most intelligent and inventive race on the planet will be your undoing – and why – simply because you are the bastard brother and sisters of Ishmael and cannot forgive him for casting you out – you are killing your own brothers and dont forget the leader who took over islam and destroyed the templar castles in the middle east was an islamic leader with blue eyes and white skin – funny that eh!!!
        You people are so backward you dont even know your own history and follow your faith blindly – follwing anything blindly will lead you to fall into a dark Chasm one day! Personally i cant wait until the chosen people Nuke you into oblivion!!!

    • Ahmed… I think you fail to understand, whilst in Britain, you are ALL supposed to go by the rule of our land, just like we have to when we visit yours!. There are NO double standard rulings were Muslims can practice Sharia and the rest of us get on with our Democracy!.
      The overall issue really is the fact that Sharia Law is totally against anybody’s human rights full stop, and what the hell gives you Muslims the right to think you should be able to practice your shitty beliefs in a predominantly Christian Country?.. I used to be a naive “we are all gods children” Person, but you Muslims truly disgust me beyond words, you are the scourge of the entire planet & I can only cross my fingers in hope you will eventually be eradicated. NOT EVERY MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST BUT EVERY TERRORIST IS A MUSLIM

  19. I do respect British people very much for their culture, history and traditions. My only comment on that issue is rather a question to you all “How much longer will you tolerate the situation with the muslims in Your Own Country? Where will you go when you are evicted from your own country – in Pakistan or Afganistan, where..?

  20. Oy all of you people all Muslim men or women aren’t exactly like that some don’t care at all like these people who must’ve had a really rough background and come to the uk using fake visas and telling their own family members to study in law so they can be an immigration officer these people are going to rot and perish in hell what better punishment is that and also they are going have a really horrible life that they would wish that they were dead

  21. Execute them in their own way. Prove them gay. Islam will do rest

    Lure every Muslim on this planet for a chance to see America and pass that ship over the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone is Happy now.

  22. British people ruled over Indians for over 200 years.. at the time of partition Most Muslims separated to newly formed Pakistan. Now they (Pakis) are just going back to their ancestral home(Britain).

  23. Send in the SAS and Seal team 6 and take those low lives out that’s my opinion, it’s just another form of terrorism.

  24. You’ve got what you want. Get the fuck muslims out from Europe. They are nothing more than filthy pigs.

  25. Total propaganda, Its all bull shit, these peoples if they were guilty then of course i,ll support to those kids who,s being raped by these mens, and if they were innocent then you know the answers.In my opinion its all political propaganda,s nothing else.

  26. These perverts need a bullet between the eyes – but yet, even that is too kind for them. Is there anything good about this religion? All I see is destruction, harshness, murder, rape and total perversion. To think this is the world’s future when they take over and try and institute sharia law? One would’ve thought their beheadings were clean cut and fast, but even that is sick to the core – they hack away with blunt knives and swords. Ugh – they are so evil, just like their father the devil.

  27. Hi Bonni, I’m way off topic here…but I wanted to tell you about They are “busting” the businesses that are doing business with Al Jazeera and fighting against Sharia Law in the American courts. Your blogs have a lot in common…and CAIR hates them too!

    I’m not connected to them, other than I receive their newsletter.

  28. Sic men of a sic religion…..the biggest humiliators are the firs to cry out about being humiliated. Its called projection…. comes from disturbed minds. Narcissists, psychopaths etc.

  29. My English brothers, what the FUCK happened to you !!! The English were the biggest baddest toughest MF’s on the PLANET ! You settled the WORLD ! Without you, there would be no America! America tends to follow in your footsteps and we are rapidly going downhill fast. Pure Blooded English people, take back your country, teach your children, save yourselves and save your baby brother America!!

  30. What about there Sharia law they always go on about,, they all need to be stoned to death,, shipped back where they came from,, We have enough problems like this with our own citizens we do not need these sicko’s here too

  31. This goes to show how sorry the English goverment is they want to give the Country away to the Muzztards, lets line up all the English goverments girl children and let these Coward Moslem have there way with them, I bet if that would happen things would change, the English goverment is full of cowards Yellow nation color of the English goverment.

    • Fully agree with your post mate,and thanks for not blaming the English people,you put the blame where it lies,government.

      By the way,not sure if you like rugby,but for my money Italy has been a true force to be reckoned with in the Six Nations!!!

      • No, the English people, by and large, are NOT to blame for the mess.

        I do recall, back in the late 70s and 80s, there were ethnic and racial tensions between the native English and West Indians and West Africans who emigrated to the UK. Of course, if I recall correctly, those same immigrants were seeking to merge into the dominant society and culture and become English (or British, if we’re talking of the whole of the UK).

        THAT is NOT the case with the Mohammedans. Rather than trying to merge in and become more like the natives, they seek to make the natives more like them. That is not right.

        Perhaps you can enlighten me further on this, trinovante.

  32. And they have the NERVE to call Jews “pigs”! Pah! Heard last night that bin Laden’s stash of pornography was huge. PERVERTS! That’s what happens when the natural enjoyment between husbands and wives is shut down by an ignorant devilish religion and its demonic teachers and ‘leerders’.

  33. If the media will not call them muslims then sites like this one will. These savages are muslims. The sooner we identify the cult the sooner we can begin to fight the beast. Shame on England and their authorities for allowing these atrocities by muslims against their vulnerable children.

  34. first of all call them what the are muslims and not asians. i really don’t understand the British police’s reaction to these assaults and. of course it’s always the victims ‘ fault never the man’s

  35. Ludicrous to refer to these barbarians as Asians. Chinese, Vietnamese,Burmese etc. are not committing these offenses against human decency- these criminals are Muslims and should be identified as such. They bring shame to their communiyties and perhaps that shaming will prevent others from trying it. In Islam, we know a woman’s value is half that of a man in terms of the law, inheritance etc. and does not even have the right to choose her own mate.

    • Very true, all the Asians should protest against these Islamic barbarians. When Timothy McVeigh and Brevick who are both agnostic and didn’t belive in Christianity (Brevick clearly said he didn’t belive in the divinity of Jesus and science is his religion, though he agreed a christian “cultural identity”) the media immediately called them Fundamental Christians!! The same media is afraid to call these thugs what they are Muslims!!!!

  36. Here’s what chief constitutionalist, Balashaheb Ambedkar said about Muslims
    in Pre-partition era India when fools like Gandhi supported continuation of muslims presence in post Independent India..

    AMBEDKAR: “Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslim and non-Muslims is a very real, very negative and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is the brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity but its benefit is confined to those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity.

    The second defect of Islam is that it is a system of social self government and is incompatible with local self government, because the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his but on the faith to which he belongs. To the Muslim ibi bene ibi patria is unthinkable. Whenever there is the rule of Islam, there is his own country.

    In other words, Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu as his kith and kin. That is probably the reason why Maulana Mohomed Ali, a great Indian but a true Muslim, preferred to the buried in Jerusalem rather than in India.” “It is difficult to see any real difference between the communal Muslims who form the Muslim League and the Nationalist Muslims. It is extremely doubtful whether the Nationalist Musalmans have any real community of sentiment aim and policy with the Congress which marks them off from the Muslim League.

    Indeed many Congressmen are alleged to hold the view that there is no difference between the two and that the Nationalist Muslim inside the Congress are only an outpost of the communal Muslims.”

    India is paying the price of short sighted policy of ignorant people like Gandhi
    who supported Muslims continued stay in post partitioned india………and they refuse to sign national song , nor respect the flag of the country as they claim they only salute allah.

    Western societies are making the same mistake..

    • Great post Sujith,Ambedkar was clearly a visionary,no suprise there as he came from a nation of visionaries that stretch back at least 3000 years.

  37. The children lived with the daily horror that there was no one to help them. Appealing to the police made the children’s suffering even worse. It is a nightmare Britain that has been DELIBERATELY created by Britain-hater ruling elites ruthlessly colonizing the nation with millions of infidel-hater Quran-obedient Muslims. Which do Western ruling elites regard as a crime? Islamophobia: the fear of Muslim barbarism, or the many and terrible acts of inhuman, Muslim barbarism?

    Paul Weston on Islamophobia

    THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THE CHILDREN! That is why we desperately need Paul Weston’s new political party, Liberty GB!

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    • Paul Weston on Islamophobia
      11 March 2013

      ….. The British government, in its infinite wisdom and treachery, has established an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia which describes its role as follows:

      To investigate the forms, manifestations and extent of prejudice and discrimination against Muslims in the UK today. To review the effectiveness of all legislation with a view to improving the rate of success in the prosecution of hate crimes. To review existing mechanisms for the recording of anti-Muslim hate crimes both through police forces across the country and through third party reporting sites with a view to improving data quality and comprehensiveness. To investigate and review the role of the media in fostering mutual respect and tolerance and guarding against misrepresentations of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims….

      Simon Hughes, not wishing to be outdone, has been recorded speaking to a Muslim audience (the video can be seen here) where he stated the following awful words:

      Every country in the world is your country … we want you to participate not just as voters, we want you to be leaders … to be Cabinet members, to be Prime Minister … we need you to lead our politics …

      The liberty of our children and grandchildren is quite literally dependent on whether we allow the traitor class of politicians and the OIC to force us into submission. Don’t let them, and don’t allow them to think they can falsely and knowingly accuse us of Islamophobia just because we truly recognise the very rational, real and growing threat of Islam. Our politicians must be made aware that they simply cannot declare war on their own people and expect no resistance from us.

      • Linda, Britain will be lost forever, the first to become Islamic if the Liberal democrats stay in power there….this Simon Hughes character is the most pro Muslim politician in the entire West I reckon, well , after BO and the pro Islamic statements he has made! And this Hughes guy is a homosexual, why would he want Islam ruling GB? The man is insane and dangerous.
        Well done to Paul in pointing this out, and you for,posting it.

        • If this is happening there it is happening here in the US as well.
          Many of us fear that we will soon have Sharia law.
          When will people wake up? Here they are so enamored with our new …. Obama (you can decide what he really is) that they do not see what is happening. Of course the whole world is going broke all at once and that will make us all vulnerable to those wishing to take our freedom. 🙁

  38. Why are these Muslim FILTH, INHUMAN, demonic gang-rapists still walking on this earth?
    Why have they not been put to death already?


  39. I hold every government and Prime Minister, starting with Tony Blair, one hundred percent responsible for every single savage sexual, physical attack and mental torment on Britain’s terrified, defenseless non-Muslim children by demonic, INHUMAN barbaric Muslim monsters. It is the British government who are GUILTY of MERCILESSLY colonizing Britain with MILLIONS of Muslims whose Koran and mosques commands them to wage jihad against non-Muslims.

    I also hold the police, care homes, social agencies, judges and CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) one hundred percent responsible for the savage Muslim crimes and PERSECUTION of non-Muslim children. They REFUSED to protect the terrorized child victims. They are COMPLICIT in the Muslim crimes.

    The girl reported the abuse to police in 2008 but the CPS decided not to prosecute because they did not believe a jury would find her credible. A dirty LIE from the pit of hell! The dreadful Muslim evil has been going on for MANY years. It was reported several years before 2008.

    CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) identify with EVIL. They identify with the perverted, savage Muslim monster gang-rapists. Their sole goal was to PROTECT the Muslim FILTH and allow the INHUMAN, demonic Muslim monsters to continue subjecting Britain’s non-Muslim children to extreme physical and sexual violence.

    In OBEDIENCE to the Quran, devout Muslims are waging war against Britain and waging RAPE WAR against British children with the full cooperation of UK ruling elites.

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    • There’s another 54 of the bastards being investigated in Bradford Linda,stories on Casuals United site.

    • In the video, despicable, apologist for Islam, Blackburn MP, Jack Straw, says of the savage, cruel Pakistani Muslims who violently gang rape and force thousands of terrorized British children into prostitution that, “They act like other young men, popping with testosterone; they want some outlet”, EVIL Straw declared.

      Muslim males are NOT like non-Muslim MEN! Non-Muslim men are REAL MEN who PROTECT women and children! It is part of our culture; part of who we are and it defines our Western civilization!

    and they would have to serve at lease 25 years before that could be paroled

  41. Islam, the doctrine which keeps on bringing filth and violence into every decent place. Why didn’t soccer hooligans straighten out Muslims seen with white girls?

    • Guy,we are ‘football hooligans’,not soccer!
      We do what we can when we can mate,but we can’t be everywhere at once.

      • Dear Trinovante:

        In North America (both USA and Canada), “Association Football” is known as soccer. American “football” (the Canadian equivalent has a few minor differences) is akin to your “rugby football”, if I recall correctly.

        Guy Macher is using the correct North-American term. I know that it’s confusing, given my having lived in Europe as a child; however, it’s not necessary to snipe over it.

        As to Islam: the only solution is its isolation in the Islamic world (dar al-Islam), where hopefully one day it will die out as people even there awaken to its intrinsic EXTREMEST EVIL!!!! Nowhere else should be tolerated – all Moslems MUST be EVICTED FROM THE WEST (and all Westerners recalled from the Islamic world), followed by the TOTAL termination of ALL contact, trade, transportation and other ties between the two worlds!!!!! Islam must be recognised as being in a state of war with EVERYTHING ELSE – and as such must be shunned and fought against with every possible last “stratagem of war” (as Moslems themselves put it!)!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM and all totalitarianism!!!!!

        • I play Rugby,my eldest and youngest son also play,American football bares no relation,oh to be fair Rugby league is a strategic game like yours,but League and Union are harder,we don’t wear armour!!
          You play for 80 mins. with one short break,you should try it??

  42. If you were to watch the Bolshevik Broadcasting Company (BBC) as your main media news broadcaster, you’d not know a thin g about this issue. In fact you’d be forgiven for believing it were all white men who only commited such crimes.

    Such is the nature of the BBC, that it bends forwards, touching it’s toes, to make sure, we the British (especially the English) are kept as much in the dark as possible.

    Thank god for the internet & those foreign news stations, the British establishment hate so much. It’s why they want to censor the internet, to keep us all ignorant, or throw you in jail for some offence of telling the truth. Who’d of thought the establishment would invent offences, where telling the truth is no defence. Yes, we do have them, invented by Tony Blair & his New Labour stooges. Do not allow them to take away your guns & ammunition.

  43. … and the official response? Nothing. even the think tank only recommends “more training”. just what is going on here? meanwhile the UK is rife with voices assuring us that banning guns is the thing to do, and that gun owners are not to be trusted… while at the same time, British police now carry guns. didn’t use to.

  44. The age-old blame the victim tactic. Shame on the prosecution. I must say, though, that it is shocking this young woman is still alive after 90 men raped her in one weekend. In a 48 hour period, that is one man every half hour with no breaks. So, if she went to the bathroom a few times, or ate or drank anything, or passed out in a stupor for a few minutes, it is more like 90 men over 48 hours at a rate of about one every twenty minutes. I don’t think I’d survive something like that.

  45. Wot a disgrace we need to stop this know need the name if the reporter who did story in times paper about grooming gangs in rotherham

  46. This is one more example of why we really need to stop monkeying around and get anti-sharia legislation passed into law in every state.

    The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and improved state rape and domestic violence laws will not protect women if Sharia law is recognized in our courts.

    Rapists and domestic partner abusers will convert to Islam to shield themselves from the criminal justice system.

    • Very good post Uncle,this is already happening in your country!!
      This was ALLOWED to go on in my country(UK)by the law and government for TWENTY YEARS,it was allowed so we could ‘keep community harmony’,our children have paid the price for that.

  47. How can a small 3% of the UK population produce so many horrifying crimes? It comes from their totalitarian, supremacist, misogynistic ideology: ISLAM.

    Sexual slavery is NORMATIVE Islam, rather than an aberration, so there is very little guilt…IT’S A SEXUAL JIHAD to humiliate the kafirs! All jihad is glorious.

    • It’s probably a lot more than 3% , Blair & his successors have let probably tens of millions of them in to sponge of our taxes , they breed like bacteria too !!

  48. These bloody Muslims need to be ethnically cleansed from every non-muslim country.These animals treat the non-muslim women as objects even they treat their own women like slaves

      • Islam is a mental health problem. With 1500 million of them in the World
        it is not possible to cure them all. Therefore the solution is that Islam has to be dismantled and destroyed entirely. It must then be made a capital offense to practice, preach or believe in this satanic death cult.

    • You must all keep in mind that the present day Muslim world is still living in the dark ages about fifteen hundred years ago. Islam is more resistant to change than the traditional Catholic church. The Muslim perception of the entire world is that the world is just one large mosque and all it’s peoples are subjected and obligated to this one world mosque. Challengers, resisters, objectors, detractors, independents or anyone who opposes Islam in any way will be perceived as a personal enemy that must be firmly forced to convert or be violently eliminated. This is not practiced by all Muslims but it is a core/original belief that hasn’t changed since it’s inception. If the cause or the objective is worth striving for, then overwhelmingly most, if not all, members of Islam will rise to that specific occasion. Us Christians don’t do things like that.
      Christianity, in all it’s faiths = humane compassion, forgiveness, honesty, tolerance, respect for all, etc,etc,etc, have been core practicing principles, among others, since it’s inception about two thousand years ago.
      Islam(Muslim), in all its faiths = are not beholden to these concepts. They are talked about but very rarely practiced. Their ultimate main goal is to infiltrate throughout the entire globe and prostylitise it’s peoples. Violently if necessary. Their mosques, beside praying, is also used to preach and incite the congregations to rise up take over. So much for the separation of church and state. Their church and state are one and the same. Democracy, live and let live is foreign to Islam.
      This is just not a clash of religions. This is also a culture and heritage clash.
      To the Muslims, it is the norm-rape, sex with children, burning churches and synagogues, random violence on the non-Muslim, blatant public displays of hate and destruction……….not exactly endearing to the heart. But then again, what would you expect from a religion and it’s people who change about as fast as evolution.
      Christianity must unite, or at least become more united. Islam is using all of our good and Godly attributes to their advantage. Befriending us then killing us as they use their religion as justification.
      Just maybe we should have a religious war……..Christian Jihad if possible.
      Here is what I propose for the nations under rapid influx of the Muslim hordes:
      1) In your next elections, vote out all social liberals and Democrats to get replaced with conservative, and maybe nationalistic representatives. At the local levels as well. This new world order and forced global social integration(citizens of the world) started with most liberals and social democrats in the past several decades.
      2) Gradual annual percentage cutbacks in all welfare programs to get carried out every year. No more free housing, health care, food and family subsidies, etc,etc,etc.
      3) Immediate freeze on all immigration from any Muslim country or mostly Muslim countries. This must be permanent. Limits on diplomatic relations. Those in the process of applying for citizenship must be refused as of now and deported. Those that are citizens must change or leave……….NO COMPROMISE.
      4) No more special government sponsored programs or laws to accommodate the immigrants, especially Muslim immigrants. No more special foods that supermarkets are compelled to avail for the Muslims by law. No more special schools at tax payers expense to accommodate Muslim students.No more subsidized housing. Outlaw sharia law. No more Muslim exclusivity for their benefit at taxpayer expense whatsoever.
      5) Immediate deportation of any Muslim convicted of any crime whatsoever. Also, chemical castration of anyone convicted of rape or violent sex offenses. This should send a message to the Muslim communities throughout Europe since most rapes today in Europe are carried out by Muslim men on white Christian women. Must be their specialty…..Rape to the Muslim man is a form of cultural enrichment.
      6) No more government funding through the United Nations or any other global organization that brings benefits to the Muslim world.
      7) International trade…….Oil…..boycott. Or, at least reduce the volumn of the trade. America is becoming more and more energy independent by the year.(that includes green and alternative fuels). Can’t see why the other independent non-Muslim nations can’t do the same. Muslim oil revenues fuels their world purge.

      Would like to thank anyone who took the time to read this manifest. Sorry to have been so long winded.
      It’s going to take time, guts and money. We will need to return to our conservative religious, cultural and social roots. Christianity should be talking about unification and solidarity instead of guilt trips on their congregations. Charity begins in the home, not out of our wallets through government for the endless benefits to others.
      Sorry about any misspelling as well.

  49. ANY self respecting British male who has the means and the ability needs to gather a few men and ambush these bastards and castrate them. The British have becom ea nation of wusses however.

  50. Kill them all before or after they get out o jail, its time to take back Britain. No more waiting for the court system or the cops.

      • Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils). Quran 17:32 , the pics or post u replied is nt concerned with islam its bout humans who sattisfied their desire, and they must b punished for it, islam doesnt support such acts it completely forbids such evil acts

        • Liar.

          “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee” mein kuranmpf 33:50 None of this “must read whole chapter” bullshit. If your unholy tome is “clear and perfect” individual ayats can be read, understood and “in context” on their own.

          “Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame,…” mein kuranmpf 23:6

          “Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess:” mein kuranmpf 4:24

          There are more, those are just a few. Ibn Kathir does indeed confirm in tafsir that “slaves” and “those whom your right hand possesses” means sexual slaves from among the non-mohammadan populations. You know Kathir. That asshole who wrote the instruction manual for your incoherent and convoluted manifesto of madenss that you assholes claim we must read to understand your incoherent and convoluted manifest you claim is “clear and perfect” and “valid for all people for all time.”

          Bukhari hadith is full of narrations of mo the putrid condoning and encouraging the rape of the women of men he and his minions slaughtered.

          You are just another lying mohammadam supremacist asshole. You are hated not because of “bad portrayal of Jew owned media!”

          Nor are you hated because of your make believe “islamophobia.”

          Neither are you hated because of “brainwashing.”

          You are hated because you are all supremacist lying assholes as you just demonstrated.

          Mo the putrid that dead bronze age asshole you strive to be like practiced sexual slavery, it’s recorded over and over in your mein kuranmpf and hadith. Yet you just declared that it doesn’t exist in islam.

          That is why you mohammadan supremacists are hated and, yes, we are against not just your vile ideology but *you* mohammadan supremacist assholes.

        • Unless they’re done to “infidels” – your Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira endorse EVERY LAST SINGLE BIT OF EVIL done to non-Moslems (who you call “filthy” to boot when usually they’re FAR CLEANER than you!!!)!!!!

          Even killing “infidels” – and torturing them to boot – is nothing to you Moslem SCUM!!!!

          Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • Zaid, nice try….you lame-witted know-nothing. Look up Abrogation as a Principle in islam. It applies to ALL the texts, every last verse, and the crap you’re quoting is rendered Null and Void by Abrogation.
          People are seeing your totalitarian ideology for what it is…and that it is merely shabbily cloaked as religion to attempt deception.
          islam is like the Fascism and Communism practiced by Hitler, Mussollini, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, and Kim Jomg Il…except insanely worse and far more abominable.
          It ain’t no religion, boyo…and it’s no longer going to be treated as one.

        •’s got everything to do with Islam, what were you reading coz it wasn’t what I was reading……why defend shit like this….unless yr Muslim and condone this kind of vile behaviour

        • then how come mohammed had relations with a 9 year old girl?
          Asians is a misnomer, I see no Chinese. the right word is muslims, they are all muslims.

        • Bullshit. There are countless examples of sick shit like this and clitorus removal. Not to mention punishing women that were raped.

    • Yes mass deportation, if they won’t leave get rid of them. It’s your only chance to survive as a people.

    • Go the anti islam vigilantes! Police don’t care unless they’re of course muslim. This is why the system has broken down. They are in politics, in the forces and even manage your mail.