GREAT NEWS! Buddhists are succeeding in driving Muslims out of Myanmar (Burma)

More than 100,000 minority Muslims have fled from religious violence and retaliatory persecution in Myanmar. In recent weeks blowback against Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar has led to a mass exodus, as at least 8,000 people fled to neighboring Thailand, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

When you piss off a peaceful population like the Buddhists this much, you know you’ve gone too far.

Buddhist monks protest presence of violent Muslims in Myanmar

Buddhist monks protest presence of violent Muslims in Myanmar

IB Times  Rohingya muslims escaped by boat, desperate to escape communal violence that broke out two years and has driven more than 100,000 muslims to flee across the borders to neighbouring countries.

Chris Lewa, director of the nonprofit Rohingya advocacy group Arakan Project, told the Associated Press that an average of 900 people per day are been piling into cargo ships moored off Rakhine state since the 15 October.

Lewa said that some Rohingya families have been told the huge cargo ships already have started arriving in Thailand. But Rohingya people who fled to Thailand still faced deportation and often fell victim to human traffickers.

Buddhist woman beheaded in Myanmar by Rohinga Muslims

Buddhist woman beheaded in Myanmar by Rohinga Muslims

Myanmar is a Buddhist nation of 50 million. But an estimated 1.3 million Rohingya muslims, who are known to have migrated from neighboring Bangladesh generations ago, live in the northern tip of Rakhine state.

The Rohingya have been denied Myanmar citizenship and have been attacked by Buddhist mobs, which has left hundreds dead and 140,000 trapped in camps. In recent months Myanmar authorities have begun an aggressive campaign to register Rohingya members as Bengalis, and label them as illegal migrants from Bangladesh.


Rohingya villagers told the Associated Press said that some of them were confined to their villages for weeks at a time for refusing to take part in the “verification” process; others said they had been beaten or arrested. Rakhine state authorities denied any knowledge of any abuse.

Every year Rohingya muslims travel from the Rakhine state to celebrate Eid al-Adha with family and friends. The estimates are similar to figures compiled by the UN – which has labeled the Rohingya one of the most persecuted religious minorities in the world – are that nearly double the number of people are leaving the area that the same period in 2013.

Buddhist woman explains what Muslims have done to her country and her own family:






























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  1. Islam is shit
    I was born in Turkey and I still live here.
    Muslims are selfish liars who have no respect for non-muslims.
    As a non-muslim, it’s very difficult to live in a muslim community with peace even the country is a `secular` state. A secular state stops them forcing their Islamic rules but some radicals still enforce it even it’s unlawful.
    In an Islamic state, living in `peace` is not an option for a non-muslim. It’s impossible to stay alive if you try to live your own life.
    I have no respect for Islam and muslims. Their religion causes death, terror and slavery.
    I don’t feel sorry for muslims getting killed around the world because their doctrine is to convert us all or kill us all. Islam is a world wide threat to all humanity and I support all anti-islam anti-terror organizations.
    PEACE! (not the one that islam metions) The REAL PEACE!

  2. South East Asia is only part of world not infected with political correctness leftist bullshit – they don’t mess about when threatened. I have seen it personally in China, when criminals try to rob if the the police arrive they shoot them dead, no bullshit leg shot, they drop them stone dead. This is same logic, sub continental muslims from Paki/Bango are a problem in SE Asia, usual rapists and moochers, and SE Asians won’t put up with it, and their governments won’t either.
    Look and learn white Euro gutless countries.

    • Well done, Myanmaar. Give them an inch and they will destroy you.

      I am a Hindu who was driven out of Pengadesh, the spiritual home of the so called Rohingyas. They killed us en masse, raped our women, simply because we had been hoodwinked by 3rd class Hindu zamindars like Tagore.

  3. May Allah kill the Buddhists .. Amin … Whatever u ignorant guys do .. Islam will be the “winner” religion in all the world..

  4. just showing fake news all around. you are looser’s. you should have shown how many Muslims were massacred . minority just 3% of muslims. Check out how many embrace Islam everyday

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      • Why is it that all the muslims that post on any website seem completely illiterate?

        There must be one or to that are educated?

      • “All you Jewish Buddhists”. What does this mean? Let me guess… All the kuffar are “Jewish” so I guess we have Jewish Christians, Jewish Hindus, and Jewish Buddhists. Seems like “Jewish” has become a synonym for “unbeliever”. Just more evidence that in Islam all “unbelievers” are hated as much as Jews.

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      Allcrackedfiles, by you saying that Islam is powerful and peaceful it surely means that you have not read the last three quarters of the quran, or know that what mohammad (your beloved leader) did was pure evil, he raped, tortured, cut heads off, took sex slaves, raided innocent villages etc, and you call that peaceful..

      The quran and bible sums it all up..
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      So this gives us a clue on who Allah really was/is because the Bible also mentions the GREAT Deceiver…

      The bible says…(Numbers 23:19) God is not a man; he will not lie, BUT.
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    • Buddhism is the religion of peace and you ignorant bastards with your middle eastern mythology has drove them mad, so mad they want to kill every damn one of you,(and rightfully so) that in itself speaks volumes. Muslims should only live in all muslim countries, I can see the whole world coming to that decision one day soon so piss on you and your cult/mythology called islam.

  6. Rubbish. Buddhists are anti-cannibalism in all lands.
    We do have photographic proof of one Muslim jihadi in Syria eating part of the lung of a dead opponent ( no doubt another Muslim ). That was on BBC and CNN. No one has ever seen cannibalism among Buddhists because It Does Not Happen.
    What does happen : Islamic Cannibalism.

    Exclusive: ‘We Will Slaughter All of Them.’ The Rebel Behind the Syrian Atrocity Video

    News sites around the world have shown Khalid al-Hamad sink his teeth into what appears to be the lung of a dead Syrian government soldier. His fellow rebels have called for him to be arrested or killed for the act. Human-rights groups have condemned him. But al-Hamad has no regrets.

    In an interview conducted via Skype in the early hours of May 14, al-Hamad explained to TIME what caused him to cut out the soldier’s organs: “We opened his cell phone, and I found a clip of a woman and her two daughters fully naked and he was humiliating them, and sticking a stick here and there.”

    The video, a 27-second clip in which al-Hamad brandishes organs that appear to be the lungs and heart of the Syrian soldier who lies dead at al-Hamad’s feet, was first seen by two TIME reporters in April. A few weeks later, TIME obtained a copy. Though we had been told by witnesses to the filming that the video was legitimate, we set about authenticating its content, aware of the potential that it could have been faked for propaganda purposes. Al-Hamad has now confirmed that the video is real, and that he did indeed take a bite of the soldier’s lung. (At the time of filming, al-Hamad believed he was biting into the liver. A surgeon who has seen the video confirms that the organ in question was a lung, which somewhat resembles the liver). On May 12, a copy of the video appeared on a proregime website, sparking a flood of Facebook Shares and YouTube views.


    The main Islamic college in Cairo Egypt has given a RECENT religious ruling in which it is recommended that if a Muslim man and his wife are starving, the wife should let her husband eat her. Buddhists do NOT do that. Buddhists do not eat other Buddhists nor other human beings.

    This ruling from al Azhar was posted at Jihad Watch.

  7. lol @BareNakedIslam I’ll BareNakedYourWife in a min.
    I don’t follow any religion, but if i did, it’d be to get rid of this planet from people like you. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists can live in harmony, it’s achievable but idiots like you- needs to die.

  8. I consider myself A christian and am also an avocate against islam they scare me I go to The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints But you know what I support you we the people need to stand up this is a New World order dividing our Country up we need to stop these Muslims from taking over and I am upset of their disrespect for Mary Joesph and Jesus that is just wrong what they did

  9. All Idiots,non believers should first know about myamar facts.Muslims didn’t make killing there.Budhist kill thousands of Muslims,cut them into pieces,eat their flush,burn them alive .everyone here trying to prove budhists are the most peaceful people of world..whaoo who eat humans meat ,burn them alive, cut them into pieces.Norway gave nobel peace price to budhist woman,LOL fucking peace price from hell to fucking bitch….Try to be human being first then talk about peace.

    • Muslim countries refuse to take the refugees. Why is that? Because Muslim countries are greedy and selfish just like Islam is.

      Muslims won’t even help other Muslims because Islam is a fraudulent religion.

      • First of all, you and everyone should know the difference between religion and people.(also, difference between religion and politics)
        Do you really think that all people in this world are following the teaching of their religion perfectly? No. No one can follow their religion perfectly. Frankly, Even though the religion says dont use a bad word, who follow that? Religion is difficult to study. Many people with few knowledge of religion have some misunderstanding on the teaching of its religion.
        So, islam(and other religion also) says to read and learn the religion.

        Even though if religion is perfect, people are not perfect. So you cant judge the religion by the act of its follower. we cant rely on people’s act before studying it.

        People’s act do not depends only on religion, well mostly it depends on the environment they have been brought up. Just like how taliban, Myanmar and some terrorism are.
        Imagine a person grew up with hatred upon her by every neighbours. Even if she believes in some religion which teach her to love the enemy, do you think she can do that? She will naturally hate her neighbor.

        So when the hatred, prejudice and some politics are there, we cant mix the religion with these. Because religion has nothing to do with them.
        In fact most of the President do not make decision to move by the teaching of their religion.

        (And by the way, UAE, MALAYSIA , Saudiarabia, Pakistan and etc has showed help to the rohingyas.)

        I hope you got my pointt! Pls dont misunderstand that im being mean,,, im not:)

  10. if the Bengali were there 1942 as she said so it was during the British empire time and Burma was under western occupation sooo how bring the Muslims in !!!!!
    its the same how bring the Asian to Uganda , Kenya ,south Africa ,west end island and it was England

  11. I liked parts of this cnn piece of crap

    Especially the part in which is told where the 6000 muslim “refugees” are living. Does anyone think “tsunami”? If i where burma i would contact Maersk, order say 600 countainers and let them be shipped to Saudi Arabia…

    Just get rid of that filth, push them into the places they belong and do not ever accept any of them ever again.

  12. The good thing about this news is not that it gets very little attention from the mainstream media but WHY. The answer to why is obvious. The lefties know that if news gets out that BUDDHISTS (of all people) are driving Muslims out of their country there HAS to be something wrong!! This is why they avoid it like the plague. Even the most brainwashed lefties have to question exactly what would make BUDDHISTS attack Muslims. Notice, they don’t have the same problem with Hindus, Christians, and other religions, ONLY Islam. Hmmm.

    Meanwhile those few people that dare report on this news again like to portray the Muslims who are the minority as the “victims”. Note how the same situation is happening in Central African countries like Rwanda and Uganda. The main stream enemedia makes it seem that either the Muslim minorities are persecuted “victims” OR it is mutual conflict when the truth is like in Myanmar these are all BACKLASHES & RETALIATIONS against Muslim violence. At least these nations don’t suffer from the mental illness of “politically correct” self-hatred that the West suffers from!

  13. These criminals have support from the Muslim populace in India and assimilate easily. The spineless Govt so far allowed them to settle and do the same thing as shown in the videos,, pelting stones, torching the houses, shops, vehicles and killing. The new Govt has assured that these illegals will be driven out, but when? No body knows.

  14. the foreign enemy govt islam ATTACKED CANADA, killing 2 of Canada Sons Standing on guard AGAINST enemies of Canada…. millionSsss of Canadians have Long Told govt the many THREATS islam is to Canada , Long before isis came into pic… Today Canada Stands AGAINST islamizaiton, in of and on Canadian soil… NATIONAL DAY of PROTEST AGAISNT islam in Canada, on Canadian soil…. Get on board Canada THIS IS THIS TIME …

  15. Too bad that these parasites fled to non-muslim countries like India, Nepal and Thailand, instead of bangladesh, indonesia, pakistan, or their motherland, saudi arabia.

    Too bad they are allowed to enter or, in the worst case, sent back to Myanmar. They should be deported to arabia maldita, since it’s the place where the muslim plague comes from.

    • Yes, it’s funny how Mussies (especially when they’re in trouble) would rather flee to non-Muslim countries for help rather than their own Islamic homelands! LOL

  16. Only the religion of peace and the moon god can force “Buddhist’s” to become murderously violent?.
    depriving themselves of worldly possessions in the hope of comprehending the truth of the world around them. Using meditation and trying to comprehend the world about them and how to be free from suffering and for others to be free from suffering too including animals and insects and ultimately salvation.
    Sounds exactly the same as islam but fuck all like it!!.
    Take hope fellow BNI’ers if Buddhist’s know the truth and are ‘forced’ in too taking such extreme action then our time will surely come round, it is only our dhimmi politicians and governments that are stopping it and i believe it will be “Karma” which is also a key concept in Buddhism too.

  17. KingoftheTeddybears wrote on
    NOVEMBER 20, 2013 @ 9:36 PM about the dirty muslims, the Rohingya…

    “dang if even the Bhuddists hate you, you know there’s something seriously wrong with you”

    Gotta say this quote just about sums it all up in my book as well.

  18. These peaceful people understand they are under attack by islam and act accordingly. Good job guys! You’re a true example to the west… We keep embracing them, and pampering them, and giving them money, and giving them mosques…

    Oh i whish we had this kind of people here, that would push back…

  19. The new (burqa) black …. is (Buddhist robe) orange ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Orange Passes My Life Affirming Test With Flying Colors World Tour

  20. I can’t say enough in support of these peaceful people who have had a belly full of the filthy muslims wno desecrate shrines, bully and kill innocents because they are not muslim, and try to take over their country and change all their customs to align with the barbaric, 7th century, practices of the cult of Islam.

    All civilized nations need to do the same thing !

  21. Thank you for reporting this. Last year Ven. Wirathu was on the cover page of Time magazine, labeling him as a Buddhis terrorist, just because he was opposing Muslim invasion in Myanmar. Now everybody around the world knows what was he doing and that’s the path they should follow to get rid of Islam aggression in their countries. I like the brave people in Myanmar!
    -Champika Wick – USA

    • I only learned about the situation in Myanmar because a Burmese blogger sent me a lot of information/photos/videos and asked me to post about it which I did. Have been posting about it ever since.

  22. The bad news is the State Dept. Anne Richard, Undersecretary of Refugee Migration (resettlement in the US), is planning to bring thousands of Rohingyas to us as refugees, the E ticket of Immigration to the US (instant free everything, all welfare, health, housing free, free citizenship apps, etc) and you pay for it. They will never assimilate just like the one million plus Muslims the State Dept. PRM has imported over the last 30 years.

  23. Very moving testimony. I hope she finds peace.

    So happy to hear that her country has not bowed to political pressure from the UN or other countries on running the FILTHY MUSLIM SCUM out.

  24. The bastards have killed millions of Budhists in the past 1400 years. The Bushists seem to be the only ones who have learned from history.

  25. Now that speaks volumes when the Buddhist turn to such violence. It’s no doubt that islam is a cancer on society.

  26. Good for the Buddhists to defend their culture. I hope that the muslums do not creep and crawl into the western democratic countries. “Go away, we are full’.

  27. Wow! The video is heartbreaking. Furthermore, that could happen here. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing 10,000 Muslims coming after you and everyone? Make sure you are armed. The interesting comment is that the Muslims placed the children at the front of the mob, assuming no one would want to hurt the children or maybe just as protection for the men. These animals are despicable. I’m so happy to hear that Myanmar is having some success in getting the Muslims out. They need to finish the job and then put controls in place so that the Muslims can never return. We need to do the same here.

  28. Whoops, I also add to say,

    ” BLOODY GOOD ON THEM FOR STANDING THEIR GROUND, as many other western countries haven’t got the balls to doing it ! “

  29. So, as ya headline says, ” GREAT NEWS! Buddhists are succeeding in driving Muslims out of Myanmar (Burma) ”

    Have they finally started to kill them as payback, then ?

    ” I didn’t think they could ever do it !”
    But is it just ( me ) that it’s NOT STRANGE AT ALL –

    That after they have supposed escaped from certain DEATH, that they even bother to return back to ‘WTF THEY CAME FROM,AFTER IT ALL?’ It makes absolutely no sense at all, to myself that they do it…
    Any ideas out there ???? :p.