GREECE: Riots by illegal alien Muslim savages are a common occurrence in detention camps…and the streets

Scores of  illegal Muslim invaders staged a revolt at a detention centre in northeastern Greece Friday, setting fires and wielding metal bars, causing extensive damage and leaving at least 16 people injured. Authorities said riot police clashed with the detainees and used tear gas, after the rioters set fire to mattresses and dismantled metal bed frames to use to use as weapons.

The Province (h/t/ Maria J)  The incident occurred at Komotini, 820 kilometres (510 miles) northeast of Athens, where about 550 suspected illegal aliens — mostly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and facing deportation — are being held. It was the worst immigrant-related violence since the government launched a crackdown this summer involving roundups in Greek cities.

Illegal Muslim invaders come from Africa, the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan and settle in the Omonia Square, where many hotels have closed because of the crime. Greeks blame them for the once-attractive tourist area becoming a mecca for prostitution, open drug dealing, and human trafficking.

Police said at least 12 illegals were injured, along with four police officers. “Things are quiet now. But the place looks like it’s been bombed,” Stavroula Tzatzana, head of the police officers’ association in the northeastern Rodopi region, told The Associated Press. “There’s been extensive damage. Windows have been smashed, mattresses burned, and all kinds of property damaged.”

When Muslim illegals aren’t rioting in detention camps, they take to the streets, starting riots because they aren’t getting the respect they think Muslims deserve

She said according to information she had on two of the injured officers, one man had a flesh wound on the head, while the other had been hit in the leg and needed stitches. Police said more than 40 detainees were arrested over the revolt. A similar incident occurred at an immigrant detention facility in the southern city of Corinth on Sunday.

About 4,000 Muslim parasites have been detained for deportation since the police campaign started in August, out of some 50,000 people questioned or briefly held for document checks, according to the police.

Most Muslim migrants, legal and illegal, in Greece are unemployed and living off the state

The crackdown by the conservative-led government has led to a dramatic drop in the number of people trying to cross into the country illegally.

Opened in September, the Komotini site, was created on the grounds of a police academy, which is still operating. Tzatzana said her association had repeatedly warned the government that the detention centre was poorly guarded. “There have been other, smaller, revolts at the centre. But this one was serious,” she said.

Boatloads of Muslim parasites from Turkey invade Greece on a daily basis

“For each shift, there are 15 police officers available to guard 550 people. That is obviously not enough. We have repeatedly warned that the conditions are inappropriate. Now it is clear these conditions are putting the lives of my colleagues at risk.”

Greece is the European Union’s busiest transit point for illegal immigration.

Video shows a common scene in the streets of Athens. Muslim invaders are rioting and destroying Athens, while the EU blames Greek authorities and so-called human rights activists try to destroy Greek culture and the Hellenic race.


























40 comments on “GREECE: Riots by illegal alien Muslim savages are a common occurrence in detention camps…and the streets

  1. Out of 50.000 scum bag Muslims 4000 will be deported. What about the other 46000 that came to Greece uninvited? Camon Greece deport every single one of them. ISLAM is a cancer.

  2. Re direct those boats to saudi arabia, kuwait, qatar, pakistan, bahrain, iran, iraq, afghanistan, all those muslim countries, will be glad to receive their brothers in cult

  3. QUOTE
    November 24, 2012 @ 9:17 am

    The BBC finished of by saying that it’s the Greek’s fault for not showing more tolerance. I think it’s time to bring back the ’300′ spartans and let them show Greek tolerance as it should be, at these savages.

    Kevin Stroup
    November 24, 2012 @ 11:40 am

    Why not just mow them down with machine guns and be done with it? The mudslimes are, after all, invaders. Invaders should be dealt with accordingly.

    November 24, 2012 @ 2:40 pm

    Call in the exterminators to deal with the cockroach problem…

    The real trick to dealing with this mess, as we’ve learned, is that whatever you do, the Big Boys control media and all that other stuff.
    Also, whatever you do vs. muffars will trigger muffar outrage–yes, nothing new, but they get pissy and then you end up with swarms more showing up to support their ‘oppressed muffar brothers’.
    The new arrivals, they don’t come in legally, they come in by stealth, and live in hiding. Typically theft increases quite sharply in the form of assault-robbery/muggings, also sexual assaults rise sharply too.
    Here, after a tip, police took out one house that had fifty people in it. Normal, run-of-the-mill 3 Bdrm with a basement, attached garage…and packed with recent arrivals here to support the islamist cause and end ‘oppression of islam’ here.

    The question is now this:
    How many more islamist houses are doing this?
    How many more are coming in that we don’t see and don’t know about?

    The closest example I can think of is that it’s like dealing with a bedbug infestation.
    One that builds zipguns and pipebombs in the basement.

  4. Why not just mow them down with machine guns and be done with it? The mudslimes are, after all, invaders. Invaders should be dealt with accordingly.

  5. The BBC finished of by saying that it’s the Greek’s fault for not showing more tolerance. I think it’s time to bring back the ‘300’ spartans and let them show Greek tolerance as it should be, at these savages.

  6. “Illegal Muslim invaders come from Africa, the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan and settle in the Omonia Square, where many hotels have closed because of the crime. Greeks blame them for the once-attractive tourist area becoming a mecca for prostitution, open drug dealing, and human trafficking.”

    By not immediately deporting the Muslims, Western ruling elites are fully responsible for ALLOWING infidel-hater Muslim invaders to hurt and destroy our people and our countries.

    Muslim God-haters are ALLOWED to engage in human trafficking. In the Bible, our Kind, Compassionate, Merciful God gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.


    • Nic, Western ruling elites are COMPLICIT in Muslim barbarians raping and pillaging with impunity. They are DELIBERATELY ALLOWING it. Western ruling elites impose sharia for their top favorites – violent Muslims. Non-Muslims have been stripped of their rights and protection. Muslims are ALLOWED to viciously attack non-Muslims. It is the greatest betrayal by nations’ leaders in all of history. Future generations will condemn them. God will judge them.

      • Yes…
        But here, the ‘Elites’ are subject to our laws, and some will be facing charges appropriate to their betrayal of our nations, people, laws, culture and such if they ever set foot in our jurisdiction.
        This isn’t a joke, the Arrest Warrants are standing and enforceable upon entry of the persons named. No extradition.

        The Feds have abandoned us all. The UN…yeah, that’s a gang of OIC complicit criminals and co-conspirators. The media won’t come near us, and we know the Feds are keeping a serious lid on us out of concern about what would happen should just one piece of ‘official’ media reporting get out about us.
        Think about the stupid video incident a little while ago, and then consider what the world’s muffars would do upon finding out about what we’re doing.
        We’re an explosive dirty little secret and playing a sudden-death game of brinksmanship with the resident islamists, the Fed gov’t, and possibly even the world community.

        Our biggest concern right now is that the Feds could end this by simply ‘arranging’ a railcar accident/spillage when the wind conditions are right. A Chlorine tanker car, for example…
        Lots of deaths, evacuation, scattering of the population, and the ‘environmental restoration’ (demolition) of the city, or most of it…

        We’re honest with ourselves about it–we can be crushed underfoot VERY easily.
        Price you have to pay these days if you wish to retain your Liberty–the sword of Damocles over your head.

        …honestly, I’m shocked and amazed we still have internet access.

  7. Let the moochits sleep in the dunghills they have created. NO REPAIRS !!
    And if the rioters were not in the camps before, put them in after,,, again, sans repairs !!

  8. Muslims are waging jihad against Greeks in OBEDIENCE to the Quran. Why are these VIOLENT infidel-haters even allowed to make it to shore? They are perpetrating a military invasion destroying Greece and these haters are even allowed to live off the state? Ignore anti-infidel EVIL EU! Ignore EVIL human rights activists for violent Muslims! PROTECT Greeks! Have the military deport the Muslim invaders back to their countries in the boats they came in! Do it for Greeks and EVERY non-Muslim on earth. Everyone is disgusted with violent Muslim God haters.

    WHY DO OUR DESPICABLE RULING ELITES ALLOW MUSLIMS TO WAGE JIHAD AGAINST US and even feed, support and house the Muslim invaders?

  9. The correct order of engagement with these malcontents is.

    1: Loud Hailer
    2: Water Cannon/Dogs/Horses
    3: Tear Gas/Tazer
    4: Rubber bullets
    5: Bullets.

    Don’t give them an inch. They already believe they own us, any sign of weakness only confirms it to them.

    • I would suggest forgetting the tear-gas or tasers; and the same with the rubber-bullets. When you know you’re dealing with Moslems, after using the horses and water-cannon, you may as well IMMEDIATELY use real-ammunition, with the special bullets I’ve already referred to above…

      • islam is a very defined militaristic entity, and it states clearly (as do islamists worldwide) that they consider it War against any and all things un-islamic.
        Our Militia and other agencies aren’t going to be dealing with rioters on ‘Riot’ level–they riot, and it’s going to be handled for what it is; An openly-declared domestic hostile act of war against the city and the Citizenry.

        One does not use rubber bullets, tasers or teargas in warfare.

    • That might work elsewhere…here, it’s taken as a given they (muzzies) are acting with full knowledge and acceptance of consequences.

      No warnings are given.
      Live-Ammunition is authorized
      No non-lethals are to be employed as rioting is a deliberately malicious act of openly-declared domestic warfare and treated as such.
      They’re not Citizens, they’re invasive enemy forces, militarized and acting according to a planned strategy and order of tactics that has been clearly seen in many other municipalities across the globe, conducting domestic terrorism and using fear-tactics.
      They have NO rights under our law and only Geneva Convention laws regarding P.O.W.’s apply to them.
      Survivors will be deported immediately upon being pronounced medically-fit for travel.

      Here, we don’t give a damn what people think of our tactics and strategy against muzzies. THEY brought this bloody war to our city and we’re going to END it, one way or another.
      They riot, and it’s house-cleaning time.

      • Respond to muslims to the degree of their sub-humanity. No less, but no more, lest we lose our own civility. They are not worth losing the Beauty which makes the rest of us Creatures of A Greater G-D, in all manners and forms.

        • As you say, and I agree, but even then…it unfortunately means having to get pretty nasty and gritty, because islam doesn’t play by any conventional rules of sanity, Humanity, or decency.
          Operationally, the intent is to make Certain they UNDERSTAND that there’s no lacking in resolve on our part, and then containment followed by Deportation.
          Basically, they brought this war to us and unlike so many other places, we’re fighting back with whatever is needed to deal with them. There’s no compromising with them–they made that clear long ago by stating point-blank that either the city and it’s people accept, abide by and honor shariah law or that the city would burn with it’s people.

  10. Also, you’ve got to wonder what they were promised by the terror gangs that recruited them and sent them off. From our point of view they should be grateful they were taken in and processed, not riot in the detention camps. What DID their handlers tell them, anyway? H-m-m …

  11. Strange thing about these boat people, the ones that land daily in southern Italy too: How come you never see women or children or babies or old people among them? They always look like so young and male and physically fit. Doesn’t anyone in the press know how to spell the word “i-n-v-a-d-e-r-s”?

  12. greece is circling the drain. the EU demands more austerity measures and parasites are destroying the country and demanding stuff they have no right to and the EU does nothing to help MULTICULTURALISM AT IT’S BEST

  13. stop using tear gas and rubber bullets FMJ (full metal jacket) is
    cheaper and stops any rioting.If the government stopped providing
    any assistance money food shelter greece wouldnt be in the mess
    its in All western countries are having the same problem thanks to the UN refugee laws..try doing this in any of the 50+ shit holes run by sharia law governments.

    • Also, when dealing with Moslems, it would be good to make sure of TWO things with the bullets (in addition to that they be meant to KILL rather than maim):

      1) contain pork ingredients mixed with 2) tranquilisers or poisons that will ensure that whoever gets hit will be quickly put out of commission.

      • Ideally, the best weapons for dealing with rioting muffars are shotguns with open barrels. Somewhat safer as lethal-retained-energy over distance drops faster than with rifle bullets, and a blast can kill/injure a cluster, also injured rioters will need medical attention and tracking medical purchases allows them to be found if they try to hide. Also safer for citizens hiding our of the way in homes as shotgun blasts have difficulty penetrating walls at any decent distance.

        I’m not going to soft-shoe it, we’ve been looking at China, islamic nations and Japan for ideas in how to cope with muffars and the brutal approach we’ve take is the only viable one as all others are like putting polysporin and a band-aid on a gunshot wound, helpful–but less than truly effective.
        The only concern here is the safety of the Citizenry, and that includes Guardsmen posted to security on the Muslims (damned few) here who side with us and are being targetted by the islamists.

        The islamists have no rights to Citizenship under our laws and we don’t give a damn what any external agency has to say about it. They’ve poisoned dogs, and also children along with them, livestock (A local pig farm), tried to burn down two Churches (doing $100K of damage to one), killed Police Officers, etc..
        There’s NO tolerance for islamist activities here anymore in any amount.
        It’s simple–they act like monsters–they’re getting treated like what they are and this is all of their own doing.

        Unlike many places, when the Muslims spoke of the dangers of islamists and islamism, we listened. The Price? We have to protect those Muslims from the islamists from being killed by the same enemy threatening us all.
        Fair price, really–they spoke up, warned us, and because of that we were better able to deal with the problem before it became entrenched and unmanageable.
        The Synagogue has offered shelter to them and accomodations as their living right now in the jail due to pragmatic aspects of security and protecting them. The Synagogue, a Jewish place of worship…willing to take the risk of sheltering Muslims from islamists.

        It’s going to be a quite interesting Christmas here.

  14. If the muzzies here try a riot, they’re NOT going to like the reply.
    use of things like Molotovs = Assault with Intent to Kill. Also, Flame-Weapons are Banned by the Geneva Convention and use of such is a war crime.
    In short, Cops and Militia here are cleared to use Lethal Force in dealing with muzzies rioting.

  15. The only thing muslims understand when they are told to get out of our country is that is a sign of weakness, words mean you are begging them for their cooperation.

    Muslims know that police or military or any other source of authority means nothing to them, the only thing they know is fear of Israel, why, because Israel will kill you, your family, your neighbors and your whole block.

    This is the way and only way Muslims want it, they want to die for Allah, they want to rape and kill for Allah, they want to populate host countries with girls of that host country, all of our elected officials do not see this, they are kept from this by Muslims who know how to control societies from within by our own stupidity.

    So, first things first, begin a ban on all mosque, deport all imams, cut off all water, electricity, end welfare to muslims.

    Harass muslims daily, they enjoy that because they are commanded to do this to you so, might as well make there miserable lives miserable……what say U?

  16. leaving one “shit hole” and creating another ! , gotta love that religion of peace ! ech !!!!!!! , (you know what my solution is !!! , 1 samuel 15 :2,3 )

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