GREECE: Riots by illegal alien Muslim savages are a common occurrence in detention camps…and the streets

Scores of  illegal Muslim invaders staged a revolt at a detention centre in northeastern Greece Friday, setting fires and wielding metal bars, causing extensive damage and leaving at least 16 people injured. Authorities said riot police clashed with the detainees and used tear gas, after the rioters set fire to mattresses and dismantled metal bed frames to use to use as weapons.

The Province (h/t/ Maria J)  The incident occurred at Komotini, 820 kilometres (510 miles) northeast of Athens, where about 550 suspected illegal aliens — mostly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and facing deportation — are being held. It was the worst immigrant-related violence since the government launched a crackdown this summer involving roundups in Greek cities.

Illegal Muslim invaders come from Africa, the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan and settle in the Omonia Square, where many hotels have closed because of the crime. Greeks blame them for the once-attractive tourist area becoming a mecca for prostitution, open drug dealing, and human trafficking.

Police said at least 12 illegals were injured, along with four police officers. “Things are quiet now. But the place looks like it’s been bombed,” Stavroula Tzatzana, head of the police officers’ association in the northeastern Rodopi region, told The Associated Press. “There’s been extensive damage. Windows have been smashed, mattresses burned, and all kinds of property damaged.”

When Muslim illegals aren’t rioting in detention camps, they take to the streets, starting riots because they aren’t getting the respect they think Muslims deserve

She said according to information she had on two of the injured officers, one man had a flesh wound on the head, while the other had been hit in the leg and needed stitches. Police said more than 40 detainees were arrested over the revolt. A similar incident occurred at an immigrant detention facility in the southern city of Corinth on Sunday.

About 4,000 Muslim parasites have been detained for deportation since the police campaign started in August, out of some 50,000 people questioned or briefly held for document checks, according to the police.

Most Muslim migrants, legal and illegal, in Greece are unemployed and living off the state

The crackdown by the conservative-led government has led to a dramatic drop in the number of people trying to cross into the country illegally.

Opened in September, the Komotini site, was created on the grounds of a police academy, which is still operating. Tzatzana said her association had repeatedly warned the government that the detention centre was poorly guarded. “There have been other, smaller, revolts at the centre. But this one was serious,” she said.

Boatloads of Muslim parasites from Turkey invade Greece on a daily basis

“For each shift, there are 15 police officers available to guard 550 people. That is obviously not enough. We have repeatedly warned that the conditions are inappropriate. Now it is clear these conditions are putting the lives of my colleagues at risk.”

Greece is the European Union’s busiest transit point for illegal immigration.

Video shows a common scene in the streets of Athens. Muslim invaders are rioting and destroying Athens, while the EU blames Greek authorities and so-called human rights activists try to destroy Greek culture and the Hellenic race.